Iconic Brooklyn 99 Moments because we really miss the 99th precinct!

I know there are hordes of iconic Brooklyn Nine-Nine iconic lines but off the top of my head, are these 10! 

It’s been quite a few months since Brooklyn 99’s last episode aired, closing the chapter on the sitcom’s seventh season. While season 8 is definitely in the books for 2021, and seasons 1-6 are still available for re-bingeing on Netflix, that won’t stop us from feeling #sepanx for the detectives of the 99th precinct!

Without further ado, here are 10 of the best but–certainly not the only– iconic Brooklyn 99 moments.

1. Holt’s Peralta-specific torture.


I know we’re all just waiting for that moment when the cold open is the team catching Holt hoola-hooping and Peralta goes, “I told you so!”

2. The one with hot Scully and Hitchcock. Yes.


What happened, you ask? It’s season 6 episode 2. Watch ‘til the end.

3. When the captain just started a dance battle


In the words of no.1 99th precinct detective, Jake Peralta, “What. Is. Happening.”

4. This crossover episode you probably didn’t notice


Let the records show that even the “Fremulon” at the end of these shows is iconic in itself.

5. We should never forget this moment.


And I mean, Eugene Lee Yang was here.

6. Oh and remember that crazy guy pimento that Rosa dated for a bit?


That time when they almost got married? Oof, yeah. Still don’t know what happened there.

7. Every Doug Judy and Jake Peralta bonding episode


The only thing that I hate about this relationshit is that it only gets one episode a season?! 

8. Jake_Peralta_feat_Suspects_I_Want_It_That_Way_cover.mp4


Need I say more?

9. Halloween Heists but especially the one where no-front-teeth-Gina won!


I’m sorry Jake’s proposal heist, this is just more golden

10. On that note, every Gina Linetti scene. Period.


And because the English language can’t capture the depth and complexity of her being let me put it this way–✨😫🙌🏽😉💁‍♀️👑💯💯💯💯

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Seasons 1 through 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is available for streaming all the time, anywhere, only on Netflix.

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