Horror-loving folks, prepare to get creeped out to the bone because two horror blockbuster titles are about to get their sequel coming out this year!

Two thriller masterpieces from the previous and present eras– one from the ’70s and one from 2016– are slated to have a follow-up to their story. The OG Texas Chainsaw Massacre, released in 1974, has a new sequel in development. While some fans of this low-budget macabre classic would understandably be against the idea of yet another new addition to the already overstretched franchise, you should know that this new attempt to retell the age-old bloody tale of the chainsaw-wielding giant is in good hands.

Fede Alvarez, a prolific name in the field of horror films, was the one tapped to produce the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel.  He is best known for his work on the Evil Dead reboot and Don’t Breathe, and yes, he’s the one in charge of reintroducing Leatherface to the younger crowd.

And now that we’ve mentioned, Don’t Breathe, a must-watch sensory suspense thriller from 2016, is also getting a sequel from the same filmmaker. Don’t Breathe follows three thieves who break into a blind veteran’s house to steal money. However, things take a wild turn when the old man turns out to be a brutal adversary, who puts the trio into a deadly cat-and-mouse game.

Álvarez has revealed that the upcoming sequel is “almost done” and set to be launched this year. In a recent interview about his new streaming series “Calls” that eventually paved the way for a conversation about the two sequels, Alvarez said, “I think we’re all craving for that horror experience again in a theater, to be surrounded with people and get the best. So I think that these two movies, hopefully, will be my contribution this year for the world of horror fans.”

Just to go bananas in the theater watching them, because both of them are pretty insane and crazy,” he added.

Aside from their 2021 release, major details about these sequels in the works have yet to be announced.

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