The long wait is finally over and BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky is finally released on Netflix for you to enjoy.

BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky is probably the most highly-anticipated documentary of 2020 and I have to admit, I was honestly expecting not to like it.

Much of that low bar of expectation stems from the fact that the past 2 comebacks of BLACKPINK (Kill this Love and How You Like That) were disappointing for me. This comes from a solid YG Entertainment girl who’s 100% supportive of all YG releases, scandal allegations of management aside because I know how much the artists themselves worked hard to get to where they are now.

BlackPink- LIGHT UP THE SKY (L to R) LISA, JISOO, ROSÉ and JENNIE from BlackPink- LIGHT UP THE SKY. Courtesy of NETFLIX/Netflix © 2020

This started when I watched Winner, Mix & Match, the survival shows which bore the boy groups Winner and iKON. I realized how absolutely painstakingly, brutally hard it was, just to debut. But what’s lost in us is that the responsibilities, the hard work, and the criticism, increases tenfold after debut.

A lot of the reality shows on idols that they film in South Korea are centered on pre-debut trainee survival. Very few reality shows cover the truth of the conditions of the idols after they debut and those that do get produced are usually made for “comedy” or to show the “fun side” of idols.

I thought I would hate BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky because they advertised it as an honest view of the girls, but I told myself it would just be another one of those comedic “inside scoop” types of shows. Boy was I sorely mistaken.

A fresh release from Netflix today, BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky is actually one of the most honest documentaries you’ll ever watch. It’s also one of the most emotional, heartwarming, and inspiring pieces I’ve come across in a long time.

Who you’ll see in BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky

You’ll see the usual Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rose just like you would see them on-stage, but now you start to understand why they’re that way.

Jisoo has always looked calm and collected, the very last one to cry according to herself, and she’s that way because you’ll see that the members depend on her as the eldest. Looking even farther back, she’s also the one who’s had the most “complete” childhood.

BlackPink- LIGHT UP THE SKY; JISOO from BlackPink- LIGHT UP THE SKY. Courtesy of NETFLIX/Netflix © 2020

She was still able to go to school, have friends, and live with her family before starting training whereas the rest of the members began training at the age of 14. So you can say they’re still fostering the emotional maturity which they had to put aside when they started training.

Lisa is the wide-eyed, energetic bunch of the group and she’s been that way ever since childhood where, as an outgoing child, she joined talent contest after talent contest. Always keeping the vibes up, the members depend on her to lift the energy when it turns sour and supplement their happiness.

BlackPink- LIGHT UP THE SKY; LISA from BlackPink- LIGHT UP THE SKY. Courtesy of NETFLIX/Netflix © 2020

Her sometimes “over” reactions are only natural and are not forced on her at all. Lisa is just a ray of sunshine with probably the most healthy positive view of everything

Jennie on the other hand looks more restrained, and overall unapproachable, but that’s actually just because she’s the shyest out of all the members and tends to be the one to show the least of her true self.

BlackPink- LIGHT UP THE SKY; JENNIE from BlackPink- LIGHT UP THE SKY. Courtesy of NETFLIX/Netflix © 2020

She was raised by a single mother but had grown up in a boarding school in New Zealand because her mom had to travel a lot. So her world just revolved around a tight-knit bunch of friends.

Rose who looks like a sweetheart onstage is an actual sweetheart in real life. Growing up in a tight-knit family has made her more sensitive than the others that’s why you’ll see her being the first one to cry.

BlackPink- LIGHT UP THE SKY; ROSÉ from BlackPink- LIGHT UP THE SKY. Courtesy of NETFLIX/Netflix © 2020

Always staying true to herself, the Korean-Aussie star on the film is as she is on her Instagram and VLive streams. Though admittedly, she’s still finding stability in being far from her family, her tenacity never fails as she just keeps pushing her way through life with her 3 sister-members.

This full-feature was exquisitely done and apart from becoming a fan of BLACKPINK and a supporter of their hard work, I also became a fan of director Caroline Suh. Each member’s story in this string of their realities was told with utmost poise that aims not to glorify them, no but to humanize them and understand what lies beneath their picturesque exterior.

The four members were an absolute joy to watch as you reconcile their true personalities with their idol versions and realize how truly human even idols can be.

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