Although not very lethal, another side effect of coronavirus in humans is boredom.

Before the virus came, it was common to hear people complain about how we seemed to lack the time to do things that truly matter, like pursuing our passion or going on great adventures. But now we have waaaaay too much time in our hands, but with a very little list of things to do.

Or, not.

On the 8th day of the quarantine, there has been a handful of special individuals who proved otherwise. Despite having limited options, they have found a way to make their home quarantine interesting– or at least, less dreadful. When boredom struck, their creativity followed. And here’s some of what they have been up to.

When patience meets corn


As entertaining as this photo may be, you gotta give it to the original content creator for her patience. It must have taken more than bare hands to create those spaces between the kernels. It’s a mix of handicraft talent, determination, strong attention to detail, and, well, a knack for humor. My attention span is as small as a grain of sand so this is borderline torture to me.

Too much HA-HA


Being trapped inside your room for a week could drive you nuts. It could also force you to make clones of yourself and have all of yourselves make a cover of One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful with HA-HA as the only lyrics.

Someone like these hundred gummy bears


Boredom could also turn you into an organizer of an Adele concert but everyone’s made of gummy bears and the venue is the floor of your own bedroom.

New musical instrument discovered


Another One Direction-inspired content (Directioners, hello!). Who would have thought you could make a tune using your dial-pad? Princess, obviously. But we can’t help but wonder: what was she doing before this grand discovery? Nobody knows.

The global pandemic is a serious problem humanity is facing, but let’s not forget to have a good time. Good thing we have a balance of bad news and LOL-inducing content so we don’t end up being swallowed by fear and anxiety.

Any funny quarantine memes you’ve encountered?

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