It’s perfectly natural to feel bummed out by all that’s been happening. We’re expected to crumble a little when you’re surrounded by circumstances that threaten ourselves and our future. But who says you can only feel bad?

The world right now may be filled with problems, but it never runs out of things to laugh at. For example, the conspiracy theories that the creative people of internet have attached to the pandemic can be great sources of those bone-tickling distractions.

COVID-19 can be spread through 5G mobile networks


If you’re frustrated with how your 4G mobile network does not work as fast as 4G should be, then there will be another source of a much bigger frustration. According to the internet, coronavirus is spread through 5G mobile networks.

The World Health Organization is most probably rolling their eyes at you now. The organization stated that the virus “spreads primarily through droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose.” You can protect yourself by staying clean: not by taking a break from your smart phones.

Russia has deployed 500 lions to enforce social distancing


We have witnessed how Vladimir Putin could make pretty wild decisions, but releasing wild animals to get people to stay indoors is probably a little much. We know one president of another country who might consider doing that, but no, certainly not the Russian one.

COVID-19 was a marketing strategy by Netflix

Source: Netflix

There’s a new docu-series on Netflix called “Pandemic,” and we’ve heard some hearsays that the novel coronavirus was a scheme by the video streaming platform to promote the show. Yes. That’s next-level marketing right there. Please, don’t ever hire the person who came up with that in the advertising field.

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The government has to change the birds’ batteries

This is obviously a hoax. The claim said two weeks, but we’re now approaching the third month of the global lockdown. But aside from the disparity in the duration, there’s nothing on the statement that’s even slightly questionable. The part about birds may be the most convincing among all the COVID-19 theories circulating the internet.

Which of these theories has convinced you, even just a little?

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Which of these theories has convinced you even just a little?

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