After the release of Chapter 259 of the manga My Hero Academia on Sunday, creator Kōhei Horikoshi announced that he will change the name of Daruma Ujiko (Maruta Shiga) due to a controversy pointed out by some netizens.

In the height of Paranormal Liberation War Arc, the real name of Daruma Ujiko was finally revealed. If you’re following the manga, you’ve already come to know that he is overly cautious and secretive about who he is ever since he first appeared in chapter 59.

[media-credit name=”Weekly Shonen Jump” align=”alignnone” width=”640″]Maruta Shiga[/media-credit]

Although it is indeed surprising to know this, what shocked fans more is the reference to his name. “Maruta” refers to the code-name for human experiments done by the Japanese Imperial Army’s Unit 731 during World War II. As reported by Anime News Network, these victims, mostly Chinese, were “purposefully infected with diseases, dissected, lobotomized, and amputated while still alive.”

We understand now why this was Daruma’s name after also engaging in human experimentation in the comics. However, it comes off as insensitive to the victims who were part of this inhuman project.

No ill-intention

Horikoshi was quick to make an apology on Twitter on Monday thus changing the character’s name.

“Many have pointed out that the character name ‘Shiga Maruta’ in this week’s Jump chapter has brought up recollections of acts done in the past. It was not my intention for that name to be associated as such. I take this matter very seriously and will change the name.”

As of now, he has yet to reveal what name he will replace Daruma’s real one with.

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Source: Anime News Network