Did you tune into the past episodes of ‘The King Eteral Monarch’? Well, it’s sad to tell you that we’ll be puzzled for a little longer because the said series will not air this friday.

You’ve heard it right. Unfortunately, Netflix will interrupt our excitement because of some changes for its time slot. Just last May 28, SBS shared that “Contagion”, a 2011 film will air instead of the upcoming episode of ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’. In case you don’t know yet, ‘Contagion‘ is an American thriller where the story conveys about a newly discovered virus that poured a pandemic crisis across the globe. Sound’s familiar, right? More so, it depicts the dreading infectious diseases and the struggles of experts while facing the disaster.

To tell you, this film is said to accurately predicted the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Through ‘Contagion,’ we will examine how the human race deals with viruses and raise awareness [of COVID-19]. A crisis is on the rise once more as the number of newly confirmed COVID-19 patients has soared two days in a row, reaching more than 70 patients (in a day) for the first time in nearly two months.” stated by a source from SBS.

At some point, it will be more like an awareness but we cannot deny the fact that the avid viewers of the series were disappointed by this sudden changes. What’s more, Netflix also updated the time slot of the show and we can stream it again by next week, followed by 2 consecutive days of streaming and we’ll wait for a little while to witness its last episode.

Perhaps, we can rewatch the series again to see if we’re missing something or just make the best use of your time while waiting for its Episode 13.

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Do you think it’s unfair that they have to interrupt ‘TKEM’ series?

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