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Here’s the Entire Opening Scene for Upcoming Zombie Thriller ‘#Alive’

#Alive starring Yoo Ah In and Park Shin Hye

THAT escalated quickly.

What starts off innocently as a gamer going online to play with friends, quickly escalates into a bombardment of the zombie-infested external reality. I could literally feel my resting heart rate rapidly go from 70-200 bpm in the 4 minutes the ‘#Alive’ opening scene spans.

Earlier today, Netflix dropped the actual entire opening scene for upcoming release ‘#Alive’; a South Korean Zombie thriller that officially premiered in Korea in June of 2020 and is expected to stream online starting September 8!


#Alive tells a story set in a Korean city in lockdown overrun by an infectious disease that turns humans into cannibalizing zombies. It’s centered around the two lone survivors desperate to stay alive together while trying to get connected to the remaining civilization.

The film was adapted from the American version released in 2019, screenwriting by Matt Naylan who’s also on-board as co-writer for #Alive’s director, Cho Il-hyung.

#Alive VS. Train to Busan

Alright, 200 bpm might be an exaggeration but it’s truly a far cry from how Train to Busan opens, with lengthy character and setting establishing scenes and the real action only beginning around 15 minutes in.

While Train to Busan did set the bar high for Korean zombie flicks (of which there have been many since), this glimpse just proves that #Alive is setting its own bar in the rungs of the Korean zombie scene.

Not only is the plot more attuned to the youth than any other zombie movie, but the cast is also something you can really look forward to. The characters of #Alive are played by multi-awarded actors, Yoo Ah-in (Veteran) and Park Shin-hye (Memories of the Alhambra).

Production for the film successfully finished earlier this year with its official premiere originally set for April of 2020 but due to social distancing restrictions, it was officially premiered in theaters only 2 months after, on June 24, 2020.

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There it remained #1 of the Korean box office for 3 weeks straight before being bumped off by the premiere of another zombie movie, Peninsula, the highly-anticipated sequel to Train to Busan.

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