Another K-drama that will give you warm blanket and comfort.

If you’re having hard time to decide whether to play or skip this series, here some reasons to check out this series! In case you don’t know yet, Hospital Playlist is one of the trending series with a hit writer-director team and stellar cast. Comprised with only 12 episodes but to tell you, each episode is just absolutely worth your time. Not convinced to start right away? Well, just know that it is really delightfully adorable and it makes you crave for the comfort of lifetime legit friends you might have missed for some time.

The Characters

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Let us introduce you, the core of the drama, Lee Ik-jun, Ahn Jeong-won, Chae Song-, Kim Jun-wan and Yang Seok-hyeong. These five friends are utterly lovable good doctors who care about their patients with personalities distinctly different to each other.

Lee Ik-jun is the life of the party and super hilarious while Ahn Jeong-won is an angel, but he’s surprisingly petty. And of course, there’s Chae Song-hwa who is  level-headed and a camping geek and Kim Jun-wan is very blunt, but is actually pretty sweet. Lastly, Yang Seok-hyeong is the awkward one, but quite considerate. This is just a glimpse but you can’t help to love them more one you watch the series!

The Friendships

They have known each other for over 20 years, since their first days of medical school. Like some of them have known since they are childhood friends.

Basically, this are the kind of group of friends who are always there for each other whether a friend experiences a cancer scare, goes through a divorce, or has a sick family member.  Where you know they have each other’s backs and of course, the kind of ‘true find’ that everybody asks for!

It’s Not Your Typical Medical K-Drama

They might be sometimes a bit overdramatic but to tell you, Hospital Playlist is far beyond from any medical drama you have already seen. First of all, there’s no plot with problematic hospital politics issue and yes, that bad guy hospital director. Sounds familiar? More so, it also shows the lives of these characters outside their Hospital life.

There’s Also a Band

Here’s the interesting part aslo, The five friends we’ve mention above will showcase their new song per every episode as the actors actually play the instruments themselves.

You could hear a lot of nostalgia as they perform songs they enjoyed in their youth. With this kind of harmonious bond, you can also see especially their meaningful hangouts as the friends spend their time mostly with each other.

The Humor

If you are a fan of Darth Vader helmet, see some funny moments as we know that there are frequent life-or-death situations in Hospitals.More so, this series really balanced well the heavy moments with light comedy.

Of course, we could honestly say how K-drama did always a great job when it comes to humor! So, expect that you’ll laugh also while watching this heartwarming series!

It’s Not Predictable

Like the usual we do in watching K-dramas, we are trying to predict their plots! Well, know that this series’ whole picture isn’t laid out. You’ll be surprise by different love lines, but you’ll definitely have fun to guess and find out which of your guesses turn out to be accurate!

So what are you waiting for?Start streaming Hospital Playlist now!

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