Create your own virtual clone at Zepeto!


Want to socialize with your friends again without social distancing? Well, with Zepeto, you can now take a groupie with them through your own avatars! Since we’re all just staying at home and busy missing our buddies, try to install it, and let’s all have some fun!




What’s more? Since it’s impossible to see Selena Gomez and the Kpop queens, Blackpink dancing together, their team did a really amazing video using Zepeto 3D avatars. Check out Selena and Blackpink’s Ice Cream Zepeto dance performance video below! 




What is Zepeto?


Zepeto is a social app that allows you to build a 3D avatar where users can interact with friends’ avatars and play games to earn coins. It’s more like a personalized character that you can re-edit also to make yourself pretty cute or dope. If you really like styling yourself, prepare to be a competitive one so you can purchase different outfits and decorations to your room.


What’s more, it’s really fun if your friends have Zepeto too! You guys can meet on the ‘beach’ or whatever background you prefer just to hang out again. We’re telling you, it is really cute and timely for this long quarantine season!



The Truth Behind the Zepeto issue


The app was made by South Korean game developer, Snow Corp way back 2018 but has been rumored about a creepy issue. Actually, a lot of people paid attention to that dumb and disturbing kind of story where it involves everyone’s internet safety. But to tell you, the whole creepy thing was just a rumor that started in a group chat and spread to Twitter, and all of them are not true. If you’re thinking if the app has the ability to track or monitor their users, the answer is still, no.



You can also have your own research before you install it and realize again that people love to make things up and ruin businesses for some reason.


Our Take on Zepeto


This app can be fun for kids, teens and adults who just want to well, have fun during staying at home for quite long. So, try it now and socialize through this cute app!




What do you think of the Zepeto app?



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