FEATURES: Hanggang Kailan Trailer Revealed

How long will you hold on? Until how long will the love last? That’s the question bothering us as we watch the Hanggang Kailan Trailer.

Preparing for the upcoming month of love, Viva Films has prepared another film to move us to tears. The trailer of Hanggang Kailan has been revealed and it has sparked the interest of many. The romance drama film will star Xian Lim and Louise Delos Reyes who will play the characters of Donnie and Kath respectively.

The film follows the story of the couple, Donnie and Kath, who is on an out-of-the-country trip to celebrate their anniversary. Apparently, during their short trip, they have decided that it will also be their last. It can be seen in the trailer that Donnie was talking to someone over the phone and saying “I love you” to that person. Unfortunately, Kath hears this and saddens her. But for the whole duration of the trailer, it seems that Kath knows about the other person. It was just a matter of time until they end their relationship or so it seems.

Somehow, it was suggested in the movie that Donnie is in love with another girl aside from Kath. And Kath has acknowledged this fact. However, she pointed out that Donnie chooses to be responsible to the other girl and not her. So she asks that they make the most out of the trip because it might be their last together.

Watching the trailer alone is a bit painful so we can expect that the movie itself will be heartbreaking. People torn between loving two can relate this movie and you should better watch it. So mark your calendars because Hanggang Kailan will premiere in all cinemas nationwide on February 6, 2019. Ready your tissues because the waterworks will be coming for you.

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