On a yet another stressful pandemic-stricken day, Filipino netizens took temporary refuge in the name Joseph Morong.

His name was shining bright up there, among the Philippine trending topics from Monday evening until Tuesday. If you did not have any idea what was going on, you would have assumed the GMA reported had had another tweetable moment involving government-related matters, particularly their response to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Morong is known to be GMA’s Malacanang respondent. The broadcast journalist had previously become the talk of the town when he told presidential spokesperson Harry Roque to “relax” after an intense exchange with another reporter.

Morong gains attention again

This time, Joseph went viral for a different reason.

He posted a selfie with his laptop in the background. Displayed on the computer screen is what appeared to be an image of two naked men. His caption read: “Kaway kaway sa buhay pa hehe waiting for the airing of Pres. Duterte’s address hehe”

While he immediately deleted the post as netizens took notice of the malicious image behind him, some Twitter users had already taken a screenshot of it.

Joseph took responsibility

On Wednesday, Joseph took to Twitter to explain himself, telling his 51,000 followers that it wasn’t his retweeted post and it only happened to show up on his Twitter feeds. In the same tweet, he encouraged everyone to “relax” and thanked his followers for their words support.

With the way Joseph faced the controversy, netizens continued to express their support to the broadcast journalist. 

Macoy Dubs, a famous internet personality, told him, “Salamat Sir Joseph, palagi mo kami ginigising sa tuwing inaantok na kami. And thank you rin sa call report na ginagawa niyo right after the briefing. Hahaha!”

Another Twitter user assured Joseph Morong saying, “It’s not that big of a deal!” while a netizen named Engr. Capistrano replied, “What happened will never make you less of a journalist and will never make you less of a human. Ingats sir.”

What do you think about how Joseph Morong handled the controversy?

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