It seems like GIGIL, the advertising agency behind the recent surge of bizarre commericals, is about to make their branding as strong as the ones they’re promoting.

First, there was the WTF-inducing RC Cola commercial. Then came the DOTA At Ako jingle. Now, this team of creative beasts just brought us a new material that will, once again, have everyone wondering how in the world their clients agreed to do it. Seriously, what the hell happens during their pitch meetings?

This time, it’s the Filipino bakeshop chain, Julie’s Bakeshop, that put its faith in GIGIL’s out-of-the-box thinking. For the brand’s 40th anniversary commercial, the two have worked together to launch the #StopTitaShaming ad.

In true GIGIL fashion, the video starts off looking like everything was normal– a couple of middle-aged Filipinas at the gym gets trash-talked by two guys, mocking them for being titas.

One of the guys remarks, “Tita, dahan-dahan lang. ‘Yung kyutiks niyo baka masira. Mamamalengke ka pa.” Then, things take a wild turn when Tita Julie arrives and transforms the tita shamer into a… dough. Now a talking dough that will remind you of the Annoying Orange except he’s made of flour,  the tita shamer continues to harass the women while Tita Julie proceeds to knead, roll, cut it/him into pieces, and place them inside the oven.

After the dough is cooked, Tita Julie pulls out the tray, holds it facing the camera, and says, “Dati, abs lang niya ang pandesal. Ngayon, buong katawan na. Kaya #StopTitaShaming.”

Watch the full video below!


It’s no surprise that the commercial has achieved virality once again, garnering over 24k reactions on Facebook alone since it was posted on April 5. A lot of netizens were pleased for yet another advertisement that dares to challenge people’s taste. However, some naysayers couldn’t help but find the whole thing inappropriate for a food brand, as they found themselves doubting eating pan de sal again after seeing the commercial.

How about you, though? What do you think about the new Julie’s Bakeshop commercial? Tell us in the comments below!

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