Sure, it’s annoying to stay at home during isolation weeks but we don’t have many other choices, right? So, we’ve listed these series on Netflix to help you out and boost your positive mood!

As the pandemic continues to ruin our plans and make us paranoid about everything, know that we can always have a backup plan: To rest our weary minds and binge-watch these series!

With over a thousand films and shows, there’s no doubt that Nexflix can really ease our impatience for a while. You can just easily search for your preferred show and have some food as you branch out to their newest shows. However, there’s nothing wrong also in watching your favorite series for the hundredth time.


If you have seen this for a thousand times in the past, it’s still one of the best shows to recommend with others, right? But if you haven’t even try to peek for this show, then it’s the right time to dive into the story of these six people who lived in Manhattan, New York!


FRIENDS is the long-time reigning giant of sitcoms starring Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Cudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. Since 1994, this show made a lot of people laugh and really encourage to build genuine relationships at the same time. Classic shows are a gem, right?

Bet that you can also nod with me if Monica Geller’s cleaning addiction is certainly perfect during our Quarantine weeks!

Crash Landing On You

Like what all the Kdrama fans said, ‘Let’s catch CLOY Virus instead’ ⁠— a little bit crazy but they sound right! For over a hundred of Kdrama series that we fell in love with, this series is definitely a hook and deserves all the hype they received after Netflix released it last year.

This lovely series begins when an influential, rich, fashion empire owner, Yoon-seri accidentally landed on North Korea. And we all know that is really a trouble for her, but fortunately, he met Ri Jeong-hyuk, the captain of the North Korean army who protected and helped her way out to South Korea. The following plot could be a spoiler so it’s much better if you begin to watch its first episode!

Brooklyn Nine-nine

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After Fox canceled this show after its fifth season, people have gotten some hope when Netflix took it. And like a bang, some people adore this goofiest Brooklyn’s precinct that is known for its delightful comedy and flaunting different characters of the detectives.


You can give it a try until you feel overwhelmed on your last glance. Who knows? You might get addicted too with Jake’s grin and his funny vocabularies.

Itaewon Class

If you’re looking for another series that will make your heart flutter, then watch this another Kdrama, Itaewon Class. You probably have seen this on your Netflix homepage and you’re having second thought whether you’ll try it or not. Believe us, this is really worthy of your time!

Via Kdrama

There might be big trouble out there but if we try to look in a different perspective, we can still live with a hopeful heart like what these series can teach us. But before you start binge-watching, don’t forget to have your little ways of stretching and exercise!

Hospital Playlist

If you’re having hard time to decide whether to play or skip this series, here some reasons to check out this series! In case you don’t know yet, Hospital Playlist is one of the trending series with a hit writer-director team and stellar cast. Comprised with only 12 episodes but to tell you, each episode is just absolutely worth your time.

Let us introduce you, the core of the drama, Lee Ik-jun, Ahn Jeong-won, Chae Song-, Kim Jun-wan and Yang Seok-hyeong. These five friends are utterly lovable good doctors who care about their patients with personalities distinctly different to each other.

Lee Ik-jun is the life of the party and super hilarious while Ahn Jeong-won is an angel, but he’s surprisingly petty. And of course, there’s Chae Song-hwa who is  level-headed and a camping geek and Kim Jun-wan is very blunt, but is actually pretty sweet. Lastly, Yang Seok-hyeong is the awkward one, but quite considerate. This is just a glimpse but you can’t help to love them more one you watch the series!

Like the usual we do in watching K-dramas, we are trying to predict their plots! Well, know that this series’ whole picture isn’t laid out. You’ll be surprise by different love lines, but you’ll definitely have fun to guess and find out which of your guesses turn out to be accurate!

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Let’s feed not just our stomachs but also our minds!

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