In case you didn’t know, Netflix has put some of its widely acclaimed documentaries on Youtube for free viewing.

With the global pandemic leaving our schools with no other option but to switch to digital education, the streaming giant has stepped up to help make learning easier for students. Now, teachers can assign these educational documentaries as well as films and short films for their students to stream at the comforts of their own home. (For the full list of films and documentaries, go to this link.)

However, this generous move by Netflix does not only benefit teachers and students. If you’re a sucker for quality entertainment, this is also good news for you.

Among the wide selection of free Netflix content is the award-winning docu-series called ‘Our Planet’.

Created by the same people behind BBC’s Planet Earth, ‘Our Planet’ is an ambitious, big-budget, goosebumps-inducing series of documentaries that explore the natural life around the world in the most spectacular ways. Filmed in a span of four years across 50 countries, it features natural life in various habitats, from the high seas, to the deep jungles of South America, to the forests of Asia, up to the frozen wilderness in Antarctica.

A huge part of awe this series will make you feel can also be credited to the narration of Sir David Frederick Attenborough.

But more than the aesthetics, the breathtakingly detailed visuals that followed even the lives of the microscopic phytoplankton in a frozen sea, this series also tackles which areas of taking care of earth’s biodiversity we lack on. Yep, the shots they show you are beautiful, but they’re supposed to carry the ugly truth that we’re not doing enough to preserve these wonders.

All the eight episodes, each one averaging 50 minutes in duration, are free to watch on Youtube. Check out a sample here.


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