Listen up, humans. After what felt like a billion Jeremy Beremies, the last season of ‘The Good Place’ has finally arrived on Netflix!

The fourth and final season of Michael Schur’s fantasy comedy masterpiece has reached the place where we could only get to experience it. That’s forkin’ right. If you’ve waited so long that you lost all hope that you’re gonna be able to know what happens to Eleanor Shellstrop and the gang, know that the wait is over.

Well, to spoil the finale for you would be a surefire way of going to the Bad Place, so whatever’s gonna happen to Eleanor, Chidi, Michael, Tahani, Jason, and Janet is for you to find out. But to save you from having to rewatch the previous season to know what’s going on, here are some crucial things to keep in mind.


To give you a little refresher (like Michael ‘the Demon Architect’ snapping his fingers to give his subjects their memory back), the third season ended with Team Cockroach having to prove to The Judge that the ‘points system’ used to determine whether a person goes to the Good or Bad place is fundamentally flawed. Granted a chance to test their hypothesis, they get tasked to design their Good Place with four new subjects just to see if their theory will work. However, Chidi Anagonye ends up being one of the subjects. Knowing full well that he’ll ruin their experiment, he volunteers to have his memory erased.

Does Chidi Anna Kendrick get his memory back? Who ends up with whom? Do our Team Cockroach end up in the real Good Place or there’s a big plot twist that awaits in the end, like the creators will suddenly pull the it’s always been a dream trope? We’re shutting our forkin’ mouths at this point. Go stream the final season of NBC’s The Good Place on Netflix now!

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