First announced in early 2020, ‘Four Sisters Before the Wedding‘ was the answer to fans who could not get enough of the charm of its predecessor and were demanding more. Although not everyone was up to the idea of stretching the story of the original film because, after all, sequels that do bad only end up ruining beautiful things, Star Cinema persevered. The prequel happened and premiered in December 2020 on different streaming platforms.

If you are one of those Salazar sisters fans who still haven’t got the chance to see them in their younger years in the buzzed-about Four Sisters prequel, now is your turn! ‘Four Sisters Before the Wedding’ is slated to arrive on Netflix real soon!

As the title suggests, ‘Four Sisters Before the Wedding’ takes place years before the events of the original film, which followed the Salazar Sisters as they tried to prevent their younger brother from getting married– a pursuit that forced them to confront their family’s unresolved conflicts along the way. This time, the prequel sees the siblings as teenagers working together to stop their parents, played by Carmina Villarroel and Dominic Ochoa, from separating.

The younger Salazar sisters are played Alexa Ilacad (Bobbie), Belle Mariano (Gabbie), Charlie Dizon (Teddie), and Gillian Vicencio (Alex). Alex, Bobbie, Gabbie, and Teddie were portrayed by Angel Locsin, Bea Alonzo, Shaina Magdayao, and Toni Gonzaga in the original film, respectively.

‘Four Sisters Before the Wedding’ will be available on Netflix on April 16, Friday.


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