It’s already established that 2020 is a one big cringefest, but it seems like it just won’t stop getting weirder.

Day 163 of lockdown, Filipinos– aka the most powerful race– have decided to bring their good, old-fashioned humor over to Cambridge, Massachusetts. On Tuesday, Harvard became a top trending topic on social media Filipino as netizens flocked to the Ivy League School’s official Facebook page to bombard the comment section with fake memories of being a former student there. As of this writing, this strange internet craze has spawned over 40 thousand tweets mostly coming from Pinoy trolls.


No one knows for sure how it began, but it all started when Harvard posted a series of photos depicting scenes from around the campus, from their grandiose buildings to their real students moving in or relaxing in the yard. On what appeared to be an ordinary quarantine day, the infamous Peenoise just leaked into the university’s page, flooding it with comments about missing Harvard moments like drinking buko juice every after class.

“I suddenly miss my professors from Harvard they are selling marbles and leche flan,” replied a Pinoy Facebook user to one of the photos.

“I accidentally dropped my books there and I was so nagulat when a stranger picked it up and handed it sakin lahat, that’s how our love story started so this place will always have a special place in my heart,” said another commenter.

“Dito yung maraming bench nakapaligid tapos medyo steep pababa sa quadrangle. Nakakamiss yung nakaupo ka sa bench tapos nagrereview biglang may dadaan na magtataho. I miss taho so much,” a Pinoy said of the photo of a student reading under a tree.


“Look! They already found the cat you brought at school while we’re eating isaw sa kanto over there,” said a user about the photo of Remy the cat. Someone else added, “FYI I named this cat after I rescued him from the canteen staff who’s planning to make him to siopao. long live Remy!”

I, for one, find the whole thing cringy as hell. I understand those social media peeps who have expressed their embarrassment over the superficiality of Pinoy humor. But then, I admit to having devoted a chunk of my time reading the comments because I also find them hilarious. How about you, though? What do you think about this Harvard trend?

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