Gone are the days when we struggle to play our favorite YouTube videos while keeping the app open because YouTube Music is here to save the day!

On November 6, The YouTube Music Premium app launched in the Philippines. Get because the biggest innovation yet of YouTube is here because it lets you do what you’ve been waiting for all these years. And that’s to be able to watch Youtube videos without keeping the app open. But it might cost you some money to use this feature!


Even before there was Spotify, there was YouTube. And admittingly, we’ve all known and come to love using this app whether to watch videos or just listen to music. In 2018, reports showed that YouTube accounted for 47% of the world’s music consumption.

YouTube Music

Cosmopolitan Philippines

Looking much like the usual YouTube app, YouTube Music also has the same feature wherein you can watch official MVs,  live performances, remixes, covers, and user-uploaded content. You can also skip as many songs and videos as you like without paying the subscription fee. However, in order to enable the background play feature you have to sign up for YouTube Music Premium for P129 a month.

Cosmopolitan Philippines

Even more, you can now enjoy YouTube without ads and you can download videos to your heart’s desire to watch offline. And if you’re not ready to commit yet–and by that we mean to the subscription–you can sign up for a free one-month trial.

What are you waiting for? You can now download YouTube Music on Android and iOS right now!

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