Just kidding! Yorme Isko dressed up as Doctor Strange for his son’s 7th birthday and the photos are so cute and so extra!

Yorme Isko—Mayor Isko Moreno as Filipino Doctor Strange? Well, kinda… But just because dressed up for his son’s Avengers-themed birthday party! And we’ve gotta say, he actually did the look justice! Benedict Cumberbatch would be proud. Check out all these adorable family photos from the event!

Yorme Isko as Doctor Strange

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Yorme Isko is at it again! Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno is truly a person who is down for anything—from patrolling Manila City streets, to killing the Facebook Live game, and now cosplaying too! Although cosplaying may not really be his thing, he and his family must have done this as a special treat for his youngest son’s 7th birthday. His youngest son, Drake, dressed up as non-other than Iron Man.

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But we just can’t get over how on-point the costume looks on him! He looks as close as it can get to a Filipino version of Doctor Strange. Plus they got the grey hair, the “it’s-so-ugly-it-works beard”, and that cool ‘Eye of Agamotto’ replica! Oh, how we wish our parents were this extra for our birthday parties!

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Let’s meet the rest of the Avengers!

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His wife dressed up as Captain Marvel, really rocking the cropped hairstyle. And his son Joaquin as Captain America. Meanwhile, his daughter Frances dressed up as Black Widow.

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And just so everyone is clear we call dibs on this for Halloween! The creator of the costume even shared some close-up shots! Check it out:

Although a bit extra, we absolutely adore how Yorme Isko organized all this for his son and even dressed up as Doctor Strange. It shows how he wants the best for his loved ones and is willing to go the extra mile just to make them happy.

What did you think about Mayor Isko Moreno’s cosplay as Doctor Strange? Doesn’t he just look perfect for it? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.