FEATURES: Yakitate!! Japan makes a comeback after 12 years

After 12 years, Yakitate!! Japan will finally be back with some freshly baked adventure, and we can’t wait to get a taste of it!

Takashi Hashiguchi, the producer of our favorite baking manga, ‘Yakitate!! Japan’, announced that it will finally get the comeback it deserves after 12 years! And boy, are we excited! He shared through his Twitter account that the series would be resurrected by new characters!

Translation: New work announcement! After getting 12 years, “Yakitate!! Japan” will be resurrected by new characters! The title is “Yakitate Japan Super Real!” This month, it will be delivered in LINE Manga from August 16th! There are many other announcements, I will announce them from time to time.

New characters, same delicious pastries and a different adventure! This manga has got everything you need! But first, let’s look back at what made us love it in the first place!

Yakitate!! Japan

The Japanese have been known for not only making food delicious but also beautiful. From street foods to bento boxes, it has always been about presentation. It’s as they say, you eat with your eyes first. And it’s probably their value for food and aesthetics that brought us the one-of-a-kind bread-baking manga, ‘Yakitate!! Japan’ For someone who’s not a bread lover, I can say that after watching this show, I’ve never wanted to eat or bake bread more in my life.

Tell me those aren’t mouth-watering! The main character, Azuma, might be the only person you know who can bake bread so good, it can send people to heaven.

While it was filled with humor from characters like Ken Matsushiro and Ryou Kuroyanagi, I think what I loved most about the series was how it presented different cultures through food. It showed how food can revolutionize a country’s culture. In this case, Azuma challenged to change Japanese history by creating a type of bread that Japan can call it’s own, hence the reason why he named his pastries as such. This strays far from the traditional and staple rice and noodle diet. Also, in episodes where they had to go overseas for competitions, they also showed how bread differs in different parts of the world!

‘Yakitate!! Japan’ also tackled how elements of food react with each other. And we think it would need serious food science to come up with these facts in the show, which only shows how much effort and research they put into it! As a result, the show became a humorous and enjoyable yet informative one for the viewers. It has also turned into something people of all ages can enjoy.

Yakitate!! Japan Super Real

This being said, we can only get so excited about the new manga release starting this month! We heard that it’s gonna be featuring a new set of characters. We do hope to see some of the old characters to do a cameo, though. That would be hella exciting. It’s going to start on August 16, so stay tuned with the LINE social media app! Releases on other sites will start on September 13.

So, what do you say? a second Yakitate!! Japan sounds enticing, right?! We are so excited to see what pastries they re baking next! Also, share your thoughts on the comments, or message us on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh.

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