After more than ten years, Facebook changed their “It’s free and always will be” slogan! Does this mean we may be paying for Facebook in the near future?

Almost everyone uses Facebook. There is almost nobody out there who doesn’t or hasn’t used Facebook. Even our grandmothers use Facebook! It’s so commonly used and has now basically, just always been there. So it’s quite curious to see that after more than a decade they suddenly decide to change their slogan into “It’s quick and easy.” When it used to be, “It’s free and always will be.” What does it mean? And are we looking at a future where we’ll be paying for Facebook?

“It’s quick and easy.”


If you can see, right under “Sign up” sits their new slogan. So the change happened around August 6 or 7, and people started to notice. But what does this mean, are we going to be paying for Facebook? Although the website’s terms of service say that Facebook and products covered under its terms are free, its company developers policy doesn’t say that it will stay that way forever. And nobody has heard a single peep from Facebook about the change.

Facebook was never free


Although because of Facebook’s alleged involvement in the gross misuse of its user’s data, a digital law expert has said that it was never free in the first place because users pay with their data. If you’re not aware that everything you do on Facebook is recorded, then we’re telling you now. Every link you click, every page you like, anything and anyone you interact with is all recorded and gathered by Facebook. And what Facebook gathers from you is basically your social media DNA.

So whether we’ll be paying for Facebook soon or that our data is now considered a currency, we don’t know for sure yet. But we do hope that Facebook remains “free’.

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