On the internet, BLINKS are freaking out over an “Untitled Blackpink Feature Documentary” which somehow, Netflix just indirectly confirmed.  

If there is a K-pop group that we are absolutely looking forward to making their comeback, it would be BLACKPINK. Honestly, by now we are just really missing Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé. Because after their hit “KILL THIS LOVE” which came out last April 2019, the girls have been lacking presence in the industry – something which is greatly noticed by their fans.

If you remember, #BLACKPINKLEAVEYG trended for a while on Twitter last year. Shortly afterward, BLINKs – the collective name for the fandom – also set up a protest billboard against the girl group’s record label, YG Entertainment. But as announced after by the company to reassure the fans, a BLACKPINK comeback is in the works. That is honestly great news, but still, that doesn’t mean we should let them off the hook.

We are really looking forward to the upcoming comeback, even though there are still no updates as to when. But now, a certain rumor is popping up on the internet and it’s making us really excited.

Untitled Blackpink Feature Documentary

As rumors go, apparently, BLACKPINK will be featured in a Netflix documentary. Because as lots of netizens have confirmed, an “Untitled Blackpink Feature Documentary” really appears upon searching on the streaming site. Check it out below.

Now, we honestly don’t know what to expect from this rumored documentary about BLACKPINK. There is a big chance that this might really come true though, as indirectly confirmed by Netflix themselves. Check it out through their tweet below.

Of course, fans are taking to the internet to share their expectations from the possible documentary too. Look at some things which will absolutely be amazing if included in the Netflix docu.

Of course, without the need to say it, we are super excited about this one! How about you though?

What do you think of this article? Do you think BLINKS will finally be blessed with more content about the girls? Also, are you looking forward to the documentary about BLACKPINK if ever?

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