LOOK: There’s buzz on another Disney live-action film! The wheels are officially turning for the live-action remake of ‘Pinocchio’!


Where are my fellow Disney fanatics? We’ve got news for you! The director of ‘Back to the Future’, Robert Zemeckis, is officially “in-talks” with Disney for the live-action remake of ‘Pinocchio’! Hopefully, this Disney classic will be better received than that of ‘Dumbo’.

In a report by Variety, it says that the famed filmmaker has been interested in the project for some time. But as he was currently working on something at the time the offer was presented, he had to refuse. But now that his previous project is in post-production, it looks like he really maybe considering ‘Pinocchio’ his next project.

The film will be written by Chris Weitz, who wrote the screenplay for ‘Cinderella’ and co-wrote ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’. So we’ve got a potential director and a confirmed writer, but what about casting?

Tom Hanks as Geppetto?

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Hollywood Reporter

I don’t know how many of you actually remember the 1940 film. But Geppetto is technically Pinocchio’s father. He is the woodcarver that made Pinocchio. Pinocchio was originally a puppet with strings. But one day the Blue Fairy brings him to life and tells him he can become a “real boy” if he can prove to be brave, truthful, and unselfish. So can you picture it, Tom Hanks, as an old-lonely woodcarver? No? Well, then that’s good because Tom Hanks actually passed on the role.

Since everything about the live-action Pinocchio is still in the early stages of development we can speculate as much as we want! Who do you think will be perfect for the role of Pinocchio? How about Geppetto? We think Reese Witherspoon would be perfect as the Blue Fairy, don’t you think? Hopefully, they’ll do justice to this Disney classic.


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