It’s hard to imagine the blockbuster actor Will Smith’s ‘Gemini Man’ would end up a $75 million FLOP! But what exactly happened?

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It used to be big-name actors and celebrities that drew the crowds to the theaters. But now, it looks like all that has changed. Who would have thought that the same man who brought us ‘I Am Legend’ and ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ would end up with a film with under budget ticket sales. Because Will Smith’s ‘Gemini Man’ is approximated to be a $75 million FLOP! But what exactly happened? Because we know for sure it wasn’t Will Smith’s lack of acting skill. So why did ‘Gemini Man’ end up losing $75 million?

Strong competition


After opening in the USA and Canada with only $20.5 million in ticket sales. They had hoped to get a better reception in China. But unfortunately, it only summed up a total of $21 million in China. And those are the two biggest markets in the world. So it’s very unlikely that they’ll come up with the difference from other parts of the world.

All in all Will Smith’s ‘Gemini Man’ has made a total of $118 million so far. But the budget for the film is $140 million. Plus marketing costs, which THR has projected to cost at least another $100 million.

So maybe it wasn’t a good idea to release the same weekend as ‘Joker‘ and ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil‘. As ‘Joker’ is set to surpass ‘Deadpool’ as the highest-grossing R-rated film. And ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ dominating the international markets.

It all went downhill after MIB 3…

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These days it takes big-movie franchises and superpowers to make a blockbuster movie. In the early 2000s, Will Smith dominated the blockbuster films. But MIB 3 was the last film of his to hit a solid blockbuster. After that he came out with ‘Focus’, ‘Concussion’, ‘After Earth’, and ‘Collateral Beauty’ which were all poorly received. And then recently he did star in ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Suicide Squad’ but both films received mixed reviews.

Although we haven’t watched the movie ourselves, it shows great promise. And personally, I loved Will Smith’s underrated films such as ‘Focus’ and ‘Collateral Beauty’. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with Will Smith’s ‘Gemini Man’? Maybe it’s the interest of the audiences that’s changed. Will Smith loves to star in thought-provoking films. We just hope that this setback won’t stop filmmakers from making films like these.

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