Alone/Together is not merely a love story. It’s a career journey. And here’s why you should head off to theaters to watch this one!

For Valentine’s Day, one of the favorite love teams in the country graces the screen with their movie. Liza Soberano plays the character of Tin, while Enrique Gil is Rafael Toledo in the Alone/Together movie. Of course, everyone would head off to the theaters because of the love story, seeking the answer of why the characters broke up as seen in the trailer.

I, myself, looked forward to finding out why. Yet while watching the film on the big screen and munching on some popcorn, overhearing the kilig of other movie-goers… I appreciated Alone/Together, not because of the love story it has. Here’s why you should all watch this film, no worries tho. No spoilers ahead!

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Very Tomasino and Iska

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What I first loved in the movie during the first few minutes was watching how very Tomasino the character of Raf was and very Iska of Tin. In the story, Raf is a Biology student at the University of Santo Tomas. Being a Thomasian myself, it was hilarious to hear the lines of the character that very much reflects that of a Tomasino. Although the setting was solely at the University of the Philippines, the embodiment of a true Thomasian can be seen in his character. Complete with the ditching of classes (oops!), witty remarks, and growling Tiger memorabilia. Tin was a very idealist Arts student at the University of the Philippines. Her dreams, determination, and fighting spirit were very an Iskolar ng Bayan trait. These were such a fun thing to watch on the big screen!

The past

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The past plays an important role in the entire film. It teaches viewers that in order to move forward and know which direction to take, you have to look back. Sometimes, people have a hard time looking back at their pasts out of shame of who they are at the present. But wanting change and not accepting how things turned out would be meaningless without touching those sensitive memories. A lot of us wants to make our younger selves proud. The only way to do that when you’re feeling lost is to face those distant memories head on.


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The lesson when it comes to identity also plays a key role in the entire film in the persona of Tin. What viewers would learn from her character after watching the movie is that you must be brave. Like I’ve said, learn to accept what you’ve become now. And if you want to change, then you must learn to look at the past as well.

-Don’t settle cos you’re a coward

-You support me but not enough to make me fly

Those are two of the most striking lines in the ‘Alone/Together’ that you should all watch out for. The movie also teaches us that just because you weren’t able to fulfill your dreams, it doesn’t make you a failure. You only fail when there’s still a chance to achieve it yet you choose to cower in fear. Life is short. Do what you have to do while it’s still there. The path to finding yourself is not easy, but it’ll be worth it.

What if?

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Okay, this one has a bit of a spoiler if no one in your social media feed spoiled it yet for you. A lot of people are giving the movie negative criticisms because of the “emotional cheating” that occurred in the story. I will neither justify or criticize it. However, here’s what’s so different from the story’s way of tackling it.

The love story of Tin and Raf ended and years later, they come across each other. Raf was able to achieve his dream after crawling his way to finish med school. And isn’t it matic? That both people would seek validation from someone who saw how hard they worked to arrive at where they are now? For Tin, on the other hand, she felt all her disappointments with herself upon seeing Raf, who saw and loved her at her best. That one person who knows best how high her dreams were.

That is a connection that no one could take from the ones in the relationship before. With or without someone new, that history with each other couldn’t be taken away or replaced. Especially if only the two of them knows and understands each other even years later. That’s when all the “what ifs” fall into place and haunt you. “What if pwede pa?” is the hardest of them all. And honestly, it’s easy to say that you’ve moved on from the person if you don’t brush elbows with them. One can really say that they have truly let go if they see that person once again and no feelings spark once more.

That’s why this movie is beautiful in its own way. Although the love story here is not as strong as other romantic movies, it shows love through a different angle. While altogether focusing on the career journey and looking for who you were before everything fell apart.

Have you seen the Alone/Together Movie yet? Or are you heading to the theaters soon? Let us know what love and life lessons you’ve garnered in the film. Share it to us in the comment section below! You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to know what you think of LizQuen’s new movie!