Despite all the red flags we’ve seen, we always thought Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were endgame. We all rooted for it! And when they got married, we thought we’re in to see a long blissful marriage.

Over the course of almost a decade, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth had been on and off. We’ve seen them start something beautiful at ‘The Last Song’. And since then, everyone has rooted for their unlikely tandem. From their rough patches, getting into other relationship and up until they got back together and sealed the deal. But even though there were red flags, waving in front of our faces, we still wore rose-colored glasses. And here we are, basking under the news of their divorce after less than a year of being married together.

But why did we try to deny the fact that the Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth love team was already a sinking ship? Why were we in denial of the fact that it could never happen? Here’s why.

The Last Song had us fooled

Don’t deny it. ‘The Last Song’ became the doorway for them (and for us) to believe that they truly belong for each other. Just like their on-screen characters, the two of them are different. But the chemistry lives.

It’s like the movie ignited a spark that gave us hope for an unrequited romance will happen in real life. That they will fall in love despite the odds and differences. Just like in the movie. We had ourselves fooled that they will end up like Ronnie and Will.

We’ve seen their love story blossom

Right after ‘The Last Song’, shipping Miley and Liam became something bigger. At the earliest stages of their relationships, they’ve shown the sweetness that we’re all looking for. Showing off each other at events, flaunting their gifts, and sharing their milestones and getaways as a couple. And even when they countlessly fell out of each other’s lives, we still hoped that they will get back together. Which they did. Numerous times.

Just like in our favorite romance novels. Or in our favorite romance drama movies. They might find someone new but eventually, they’ll still end up with each other in the end. I mean, we’ve seen them go through rough patches of their own without the other. Liam, being sad and regretful, and Miley coping from it with her rebellious actions and filling the void with flings and fleeting romances… And in the end, they found a way to come back into each other’s arms, right? But only to break it off again.

So much for being a hopeless romantic.

Because they got married after all

Which was supposed to be happily ever after of the story! We thought that after tying the knot that they’re endgame. But time and time again, we’re proven that their relationship was already a sinking ship. We thought that after getting back together, getting engaged, and sealing the deal once and for all—we’ll see a successful love story in this divorce-ridden industry. But no, they just had to separate again.

What’s more is that there’s someone new in Miley Cyrus’ life right now. After the split, she’s already seen with somebody new, Kaitlynn Carter being all lovey-dovey in Italy.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s separation might seem expected for some. But for those who’ve witnessed their love story from ‘The Last Song’ up until now, it’s so surreal. Despite everything, even if they got back together or not, we wish them the best. We hope that the day they find true love will come and make them happy and contented. Once and for all.

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