FEATURES: Why we don’t need another season of 13 Reasons Why

We don’t need to reiterate ourselves why the controversial 13 Reasons Why series doesn’t need another season. But if you must know, here’s why!

Apparently, the previously canceled ’13 Reasons Why’ is back for another season. But despite the hype, some aren’t amused with another refrain of the problematic lives of the students of Liberty High School. Courtesy of the mystery of Bryce Walker’s death. Check out the ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 3 trailer below!

’13 Reasons Why’ became one of the trivial series of its time. Not because of the intriguing story. But because of the problematic execution of the show. Adapted from a best-selling novel by Jay Asher, 13RW had many ambitious goals. Good, yet ambitious goals. It was supposed to help people talk about openly about trivial issues. Such as suicide, bullying, sexual assault and more. But their graphic portrayal of said themes imploded back at them.

And as much as the showrunners want to save the show, it feels forced by this time. Yes, we do want to see Bryce Walker dead. That’s for sure. But as for the rest, the attempt to revive it should stop.

Feels like Pretty Little Liars meets Riverdale

The newest season features a much more brooding storyline than before. This time, someone killed Bryce Walker and Clay and company seem to be involved with it. In the trailer, a new character named Ani narrates what the new season has to offer. It shows that the students will be under the scrutinizing eyes of the police after the death of Bryce. But what really catches our eye is the sublime similarity it has with the hit series ‘Pretty Little Liars‘. And at the same time, a little bit of ‘Riverdale‘ as well.

As much as it sounds like a formula for a well-sought series, we’re just tired of it. Not after they’ve done it over and over again in Netflix.

It should have ended in Season 1

This time. For sure. That’s what the showrunners might be repeating a mantra. But seriously speaking, it should have really ended in Season 1. They’ve dragged the story far off from the initial storyline. Which was to enlighten people about suicide, mental health, and sexual assault.

Sure, some people might have liked Season 2 (and the upcoming Season 3). But not to rain on their parade, the story now got way out of hand. ‘Riverdale’ who introduced themselves as a dark young adult series. While ’13 Reasons Why’ was supposed to create a discussion about serious social issues. But now, it’s just aiming to be your typical dragging young adult series. See the difference?

And it’s an adaptation. ’13 Reasons Why’ had one book. One book only. It should really have ended with season 1. There was no need to complicate it more than it is already.

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