Sony Pictures took our Spider-Man experience to another level. And with the release of the animated movie, everyone loved the multiverse of Spider-Man. And there are more reasons why Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse is the best Spider-Man Movie so far!

We’ve known Spider-Man for a long time now. From Toby Maguire’s OG Spiderman up to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the newest Marvel franchise. Spider-Man has been through a lot of reinventions and actors. All in live-action. So when the animated Spider-Man movie was released, it was a vulnerable target of critics.

People assumed that it might not be at par of other Marvel movies. Being animated, it might be just for kids to enjoy. But still, we watched it. And yes, personally, my opinion about it changed. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was yet another success (thanks, Sony Pictures!). They’ve brought life to a clash of Spideys that we all know from the comics. And it was beautiful!

Miles Morales

The movie puts the spotlight to the newest Spider-Man addition, Miles Morales (voiced by Shameik Moore). He’s the Spider-Man after Peter Parker who was killed. Miles’ character has been known for quite a while but this was his debut film. In this movie, his character was given more depth and development and shown how he became Spider-Man of his own universe.

The whole movie itself was fast-paced and filled with so many references to complete the interconnection of the universes. But despite that, it came through and was able to bring out the amazing story of Miles. It really did set him apart from all the Spider-Man we know, making him a Spider-Man of his own.

Different Spideys all over

Of course, diving into the Spider-Verse, you get to see the different Spider-Man versions. Indeed, it was a hotpot of Spider-Man and their personalities were all over the movie. It gives a brief view of what kind of Spider-Man they are.

You get to see a middle-aged Peter Parker (Jake Johnson), detective Spider-Man Noir (Nicholas Cage), cool Spider-Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld), an anthropomorphic Spider-Ham (John Mulaney) and Peni Parker’s SP//dr (Kimiko Glenn). They were all oozing with different vibes from the different universes they came from. Aside from that, they show their own truest selves in the movie which is quite a sight to see!

The Artstyle

And yes! The whole movie itself was a visual masterpiece! From the opening credits up until the post-credit scenes. Like I’ve said, the movie is jumping out from reality. It was a mix of different art styles that you can see from every frame. They’ve incorporated the traditional comics art style that you can see. It didn’t look silly, with the “POW” word bubbles. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was going back to its roots: the comic books. And you can see it everywhere.

Kudos to all the artists who made this possible. The storyline was great and with the art, it was even amazing!

Post-Credits Scene (Spoiler Alert!)

Of course, who could forget Marvel’s iconic post-credits scene? Especially for this baby, it’s not something to miss out. So, yeah, we have no videos to show you for the post-credits scene. But if you’ve watched the movie, up until the end, you’ll definitely meet Miguel O’Hara (Oscar Isaac). And if you’re a long time fan of Spider-Man, then you know who Miguel is.

In the post-credits scene, Miguel, better known as Spider-Man 2099, has been monitoring the happenings with Miles and the gang. With his holographic assistant Lyla (Greta Lee), he decides to go on his own alternate universe adventure. He’s seen arriving at Earth 67, the reality of the 1967 Spider-Man animated series. He arrives at the scene of Double Identity wherein he gets into a pointing session with Earth 67 Spiderman. It was a scene that inspired so many memes as of today.

Miguel is a gifted geneticist who accidentally spliced his own DNA similar to a spider’s. He was trying to shake off the drugs from his company Alchemax, who are trying to replicate the Spider-Man’s abilities. But in the process of healing himself, he gains similar abilities from Spider-Man. It’s not clear why he was traveling from another universe. But we believe that it will be another great story to watch.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a spectacle to watch. It’s an impressive work of art that is more than an experimental Spider-Man idea. It was playful and an emotional roller coaster. Not to mention the visual kaleidoscope it is. It is and will be the best Spider-Man movie I’ve seen!

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