With the opening of Cinema One Originals 2019 yesterday, many were anticipating the entry, ‘Metamorphosis’, tackling hermaphroditism or intersex. However, MTRCB has decided to reject it due to its “sexually explicit scenes”.

The C1 Originals 2019 is a monumental event to mark the 15 years of Philippine cinema. All the while, it also aims to promote Filipino movie artistry. Currently, we have 8 movies slated for the celebration including ‘Metamorphosis’. But alas, it’s a sad day for the local film industry as the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) classified it with an X rating.

In case you aren’t aware, a movie is given an X rating when it’s too unsuitable for public showing. MTRCB gave “Metamorphosis” because it contains too much “sexually explicit scenes”.

‘Metamorphosis’ follows the story of a young man in self-discovery after being born with both female and male genitals. The story aims to unfold the unsaid truths of being a hermaphrodite or an intersex person.

Jose Enrique Tiglao, the director of ‘Metamorphosis, took it to social media to spread the sad news. Despite MTRCB deeming his show to be unfitting because of its uncensored scenes, he believes it’s necessary to include this part to be able to give life to the struggles of intersex people.

Catch his full post here:

Why MTRCB should reconsider

We strongly believe ‘Metamorphosis’ deserves a slot in the cinemas considering it gives voice to the unheard cries of the intersex community. Often, they are assumed and pre-judged even before they can tell their stories. And even to the extent to live their whole lives in secret in hopes of running away from criticisms.

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Slowly seeing the acceptance in regards to the LGBTQ+ community,  let’s not forget that intersex people are a part of this as well. People need to understand the kind of portrayal ‘Metamorphosis’ has and as what the director said: “The daring scenes aim to humanize the character who is an intersex. Intersex people are victims of stigma and misconceptions due to their unconventional anatomy. They were called ‘freaks’ and ‘abnormal.”

Moreover, it’s frustrating to see MTRCB’s narrow understanding of societal concepts. With more and more movies with unconventional themes being approved, you’d get the idea that the Philippines is slowly being liberated from the stereotypical thinking but we guess we’re wrong with MTRCB’s recent decision.

In case you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here it is:

With this development on hand,  Jose Tiglao and the team behind “Metamorphosis” will file an appeal for the film’s rating today. So we’re crossing our fingers! Let’s all support ‘Metamorphosis’ with the hashtag #LabanMeta. The Cinema One Originals 2019 will run from November 7 until November 17.

What do you think of the decision of MTCRB refusing to show ‘Metamorphosis’ in cinemas? And do you believe it should be done otherwise? Feel free to tell us your thoughts and questions down below!

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