If you haven’t known by now, ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’, is considered as one of the best animated series ever! And here are some reasons why!

Many years have passed since the release of the fantasy animates series, ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’. But up until now, it’s still one of the best out there! You name it, may it be the storyline to the character development⁠—everything was on point!

So to the non-believers out there, we’ll prove you wrong by showing you some reasons why ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ is considered one of the best animated series of all time!

#1 Storyline

Set in a fictional Asian-like world wherein people can control the elements and are called “benders”, ‘Avatar’ focuses on Aang, the avatar (a person who can master all elements) and his journey to bring peace and unity to the world by ending the Fire Lord’s war with the rest of the world.

The plot of the story was phenomenal as it never gave a moment of boredom to its viewers⁠—even the episode fillers! And the way the story transitions is smooth, you won’t be left wondering with questions and blank holes.

Even more, the creativity of the story isn’t like any other animated film you’ve ever seen! There were many jaw-dropping moments especially when Aang finally learned to firebend and so much more!

#2 Characters

You ever had that experience wherein you really liked the film but the characters annoyed the hell out of you? Well, you don’t have to worry about that in ‘Avatar’. You’ll fall in love with their characters considering their different sets of unique and likable personalities.

Katara, a waterbender and always keeps everyone in check AND she’s Aang’s love interest. Sokka, Katara’s brother who doesn’t have any bending skills gives the viewers the laugh they just really need when watching the series. And lastly, Toph, a sight-disabled earthbender who wows everyone with her sassy yet cute attitude.

#3 Redemption Arc

Okay, this is probably the most underrated part of ‘Avatar’. We all know Zuko as the antagonist of the series in the first season. He’s a scorned Fire Nation prince who’s tasked to capture Aang. But as the story progresses, Zuko redeems himself by becoming part of Aang’s gang and helping them in defeating his dad. He easily became one of the most characters to the most loved. And we totally agree!

How about you? Do you agree that ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ is the best animated series ever? Let us know what you think! So share with us your thoughts and questions down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.