Hold. My. Poodle! Because our favorite movie, White Chicks is making a comeback and Terry Crews will be in it too!

Charlie’s Angels‘ is getting a reboot, and now ‘White Chicks’ is getting a sequel. 2019 is definitely the fulfillment of our 90’s kids dream! yes, you read that right! And who better to bring us the news other than Terry Crews!

White Chicks

Pretty much everyone who loves comedy has watched ‘White Chicks’. We loved it because it was such a humorous movie! Even though it’s very obviously based on racial stereotypes of the time, it was, still, arguably the best comedy of the 2000s. Well, the film was released in 2004, you know, the Paris Hilton socialite era. And so fittingly, it follows the story of 2 black cops who had to pose as the Wilson sisters for a weekend (it’s not a weekend, it’s the weekend!) at the Hamptons, a.k.a. the biggest social event of the season.

FBI agents Kevin and Marcus were just assigned to pick the sisters up from the airport and bring them there, but due to a road accident that left the sisters with a busted nose and lip, the agents were forced to go and play their roles. And they found themselves in the middle of a high-profile kidnapping case. Because of this, they had to juggle reporting to their bosses, dealing with the sisters’ socialite friends and their rivals, the Vandergeld sisters, while trying to hold their cover. And oh, Marcus was also trying to stay married through it all.

‘White Chicks’ poked fun on wealthy whites stereotype, even using, ‘A Thousand Miles’ by Vanessa Carlton, which, at the time, was the so-called white girl anthem. But still, the fact that it has become one of the classic films of pop culture couldn’t be denied. This being said, we can’t think how the new sequel could do better. We’ve got high expectations!

Shawn Wayans

In the said interview, Terry Crews also shared that Shawn Wayans would be game to do a sequel! This is good news, considering that in a 2016 interview, Marlon Wayans already confirmed wanting to do the film, only that he’s still talking to his brothers. We can now expect the two, plus Terry Crews’ character, Latrelle Spencer to return!

Terry Crews even joked that he’s been working out for 15 years and staying in shape jus for ‘White Chicks 2′! This being said, we really hope that the original cast all returns, including the sisters’ girlfriends, Tori, Karen, and Lisa! Otherwise, we’d be so, frickin’, pissed.

We couldn’t be any more excited for White Chicks 2! Are you also looking forward to the movie? Let us know on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.