FEATURES: What we thought about the ‘Isa Pa, With Feelings’ teaser

Super kilig feels as ‘Isa Pa, With Feelings’ teaser trailer released last night!

Netizens were shookt last night as Black Sheep drops a new teaser trailer for their upcoming movie, ‘Isa Pa, With Feelings’. Starring the unlikely pairing of Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino, the film is really something that we are looking forward to!

After we saw the first teaser that was released last August 23, we were craving for more! After all, we didn’t really see a lot. So, at least a little peak of footage would be nice.

But last night we got what we wanted and we were obviously satisfied as #IsaPaWithFeelingsTeaser trended on Twitter, both in Philippines and Worldwide.

Watch the teaser trailer here.

Are you done watching? KILIG, right?

Frankly, after watching the teaser for the first time, we loved it already. We felt all the kilig and we felt the need to watch it immediately. But nothing is ever enough, right? So we decided to watch it for a second, third, fourth… and a lot of times. Because yep, you can call us a sucker for that kilig feeling.

If you still want to, watch it again with us. But this time, let’s start to look more into the details from the teaser.


Upon watching the teaser, here are some things that we have noticed and learned:

  1. Their character’s names are Mara (Maine) and Gali (Carlo).
  2. Gali is torpe. Tsk tsk tsk.
  3. Mara and Gali are neighbors.
  4. Mara loves listening to music and dancing(?).
  5. Gali is deaf and will be the sign language teacher of Mara.
  6. The film will come out in cinemas on October 16.

Other than those, we were just really dumbstruck. The twist was a little bit unexpected, but VERY interesting.

Maine Mendoza is really cute and her fun personality seems to play out well in the film. Also please, Carlo Aquino should be banned from smiling and staring. It is just too dangerous. Especially in the parts where he just laughs at Maine’s character, holy guacamole. 


To be very honest, we didn’t expect that the teaser would hook us. Personally, I would just watch Filipino rom-com trailers and then not watch the movie at all. This was very different though.

I really replayed the teaser over and over again. The part where Gali was revealed to be deaf touched me and I want to actually know how the story would turn out. What conflicts will the characters encounter? How will they move forward in their relationship? Is there more to Mara’s character?


How about you? What do you think about the teaser of ‘Isa Pa, With Feelings’? Let us know by sharing your thoughts through the comments below or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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