Filipino movie enthusiasts, bring your wallets out once again for the Cinema One Originals Festival!

Recently, film festivals are happening here and there — the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, the QCinema International Film Festival, and eventually this: the Cinema One Originals Festival!

This year, C1 Originals is marking 15 years of showcasing Filipino filmmakers and talented actors. To celebrate this event, the film festival is returning with a lineup of quality Filipino movies to look forward to. Moreover, the films will screen in the following cinemas: Trinoma, Glorietta, Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Gateway, Powerplant Makati, Cinema ’76, Cinema Centenario, Cinematheque, and Cine Adarna.

The Cinema One Originals Film Festival will run from November 7 to 17.

Kaya Mo? (Can you?)

Featuring 8 films ranging from comedy to drama and even horror, the tagline for this year’s C1 Originals is ‘Kaya Mo?’  The trailers for the films were released yesterday, October 21. Today, a Grand Media Launch was held to discuss more about what people should expect from the respective entries.

While waiting for the festival to start, let us read the synopsis for each movie, watch the trailers and then see what we think of them.

1. Lucid

Directed by: Victor Villanueva

Ann Cruz is a lucid dreamer. Her dreams are the exact opposite of her mundane, routinary life. In one of her fabricated dreams, she meets a mysterious man who challenges her to make her dreams more adventurous. As she crosses paths with another lucid dreamer, she realizes her dreams are far more alive than her reality — making her question if it is worth staying in there or not.

In the trailer, we immediately see a very beautiful yet not-so-glamorous Alessandra De Rossi. It is commendable how she just looks so natural and even a little bit flawed, making her character more relatable. Just like us, she looked haggard during commute hours.

After some scenes showing how she lives a very bleak and lonely life, we were eventually shown the premise that she is in fact a lucid dreamer. As she lives in her prestigious dream world, she is then faced by JM De Guzman, a figment of her dream who doesn’t seem to go away at her will. He then comments that he won’t be affected by anything that she does because she’s just a ‘Level 1 Lucid Dreamer’.

The premise of the movie is very interesting and it keeps us wondering how the story will eventually unfold. Moreover, the cinematography looks really nice. We noticed that in her real life, the colors are much more yellow which gives off that ‘faded photograph’ feel. Meanwhile, in her dream life the tint is much more blue and feels little bit dark.

2. Tia Madre

Directed by: Eve Baswel

Ten-year old Camille moves in a new town and lives in a familiar house together with her irresponsible and drunk Mother, Emilia. Living under one roof, the child learns that her mother loathes her when she calls her “Mama.” Despite this, she still pursues her love believing that Emilia might just be mad at her, and things will go back to the way they were. She tried cooking her favorite dish, gave her hugs when she needed it, but none of it seems to be making any difference.

Hands off, the trailer was really creepy! At first, we were shown montages of the relationship between the characters played by Jana Agoncillo and Cherie Gil as mother and child. While in the background, we could hear the mother repeatedly asking her daughter to say, “I love you”. However, as the background music eventually becomes heavier, we notice that something is wrong with the mother. Seen through the eyes of the child, we get glimpses on possible weird and scary discoveries that she may find.

The trailer was really telling us to go watch the movie when it screens on cinemas. It seems like it would really freak us out, without the usual ‘scare-you-with-a-jumpscare’ vibe.

3. Sila-Sila (The Same People)

Directed by: Giancarlo Abrahan

A 30-year old man returns to Manila and is forced to confront his old life, his old friends, and his ex-boyfriend at their high school reunion where the past and the present collide.

Sila-Sila seems like a very interesting LGBTQ slice-of-life film. Just from watching the trailer alone, we could see that there would be a lot of realistic and hilarious exchanges between characters.

Moreover, the film is promising because it could open the eyes of other Filipinos when it comes to sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. It also feels like there are a lot of things that we could learn from the movie when it comes to relationships – not just romantic, but even about friendships.

… Ganda kayo?

4. Utopia

Directed by: Dustin Celestino

The stories of a videographer, a rookie police officer, and an undercover agent intertwine in the labyrinth of a violent city’s underbelly.

This movie seems like a really action-packed one. With scenes showing the characters struggle against different forces, we were just really breathless by the end of it. Nonetheless, we are looking forward to the story of Utopia.

5. Yours Truly, Shirley

Directed by: Nigel Santos

A 50-year-old widow believes that the young pop star is the reincarnation of her dead husband. How far would she go to prove herself right?

We were really amused from watching the trailer of this. Especially in the era of stans, we are looking forward to see how the Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid would act like as a fangirl. In our opinion, this would appeal more to mothers and people of the same generation. Such a really fun premise too though!

6. Tayo Muna Habang Hindi Pa Tayo

Directed by: Denise O’Hara

When Alex DTR-ed and found out that Carlo is not ready to commit to a relationship, Alex must ask herself if love can survive without commitment.

Is it just, or are there Filipino movies with the same premise already? One night stand, girl falls in love with the guy, guy’s not a fan of commitment, but they still get together in the end. An example we could think of is Momol Nights starring Kim Molina and Kit Thompson.

However, we are not closing ourselves off to the possibility of watching this film. After all, we kind of missed seeing Jane Oineza on a screen. Moreover, we are interested in seeing how her pairing with JC Santos would work out in this movie.

7. Metamorphosis

Directed by: J.E. Tiglao

A coming-of-age story about Adam, a 14-year old kid who was born with a secret of having both male and female genitals.

The trailer is really simple, with very little room for extraction of details. We only saw a metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly, along with what seems to be the kid, Adam, just coming and going in the background. However, we easily understood the metaphor for Adam because of course, it was very obvious.

Although we weren’t given any details to look forward to, the premise is super interesting though and it’s something we should all consider watching!

8. O

Directed by: Kevin Dayrit

Maria, a morgue-intern meets vampire “drug lord” Matilda who forces her to become a blood pusher in exchange for her life, selling dried blood sachets to modern-day, harmless vampires.

Whoa. That trailer was very vague but it was able to make us curious. Plus, the cast for this are just really beautiful people! Anna Luna, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Lauren Young? Ugh, are they planning to literally kill us?

What we got from the trailer itself was that there is gonna be some action, vampires, and maybe friendships forming between the most unexpected people. This was really good and we are looking forward to watching it on the big screen!

Which one of these is your favorite? Are you looking forward to the C1 Originals Film Festival?

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