The original Encantadia Sang’gre stars are back for more fantasy and action. Catch the phenomenal ladies that molded our childhood fantasies in Mystified in iFlix!

Last Friday, January 18, actress Sunshine Cruz shared a teaser video of their new film, ‘Mystified’. Along with Sunshine Dizon, her former ‘Encantadia’ co-stars, Diana Zubiri, Iza Calzado, and Karylle will join her. The film will be released in the subscription video-on-demand service, iFlix.

The teaser shows the actresses as friends who possess magical powers like invisibility, telekinesis, and fire. Of course, they will use their powers to protect the world from an evil persona (Sunshine Cruz). The evil lady who they must defeat wants to wipe out non-magical folks. So basically, the four ladies are the last means of defense of non-magic folks against the evil lurking in the shadows. The new fantasy world in Mystified’s set in the modern day period. So you can expect that this will be much relatable and amusing for fantasy-loving fans.

Sunshine Dizon and the gang will once again showcase their combat skills we’ve seen in their ‘Encantadia’ days. In a likely manner, they will have magic in ‘Mystified’ but a tad different from ‘Encantadia’ before. In the teaser, you can see that the visual effects are great. The magic is on point and really looks real. And they are sporting steampunk outfits that rocks. ‘Mystified’ will really bring magic and fantasy to the next level. And also, this is the much-awaited reunion of the actresses as another magical ladies. It has been long overdue but they’re finally back!

‘Mystified’ is directed by Mark Reyes. iFlix will be streaming it soon as part of their original titles. You can relive the magic in this new fantasy movie.

Ready for the Encantadia Sang’gres bring us a new dose of magic and fantasy? Then better watch out for Mystified in iFlix. Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh