Ebe Dancel will be headlining today’s UP Fair: Hiwaga along with the rising P-pop boy group SB19

Today, the first-ever Monday stage for the University of the Philippines’ annual fair will be happening. Titled “UP Fair: Hiwaga“, artists like Ebe Dancel, UDD, and musicians from the roster of O/C Records such as Callalily and Unique will be headlining the event. But of course, the magic or hiwaga doesn’t stop there because as a big surprise, rising P-pop boy group SB19 will also be performing.

Check out the official poster for the event through the tweet below.

Ebe Dancel on SB19

Now, during his contract renewal with his record label Polyeast Records, the former Sugarfree frontman was asked to share his thoughts on SB19, particularly their big help in elevating P-pop to the global scene. Becoming a mainstay on Billboard’s Social 50 chart, Ebe Dancel claims that truly, SB19 is something that Filipinos should be proud of.

On the other hand, when asked about his thoughts on the P-Pop group being criticized for drawing inspiration from K-Pop, Ebe came to SB19’s defense. He pointed out that even though heavily inspired, SB19’s music is still Filipino music. Read his statement below.

“I think all sorts of Filipino music should be welcomed — whatever the genre. Siyempre hoping na the music stays the same, fully done, and you pay attention to your songwriting, to your craft.”

Moreover, the “Makita Kang Muli” singer-songwriter went on to say that there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from others. After all, it helps OPM continue evolving. He also pointed out that even groups such as UDD drew influence from foreign artists as well.

“Hey look. There are groups like Up Dharma Down. Hindi rin naman sila ‘yung nakasanayan natin na OPM eh. Malayo sa E-heads, malayo sa The Dawn. Like I said, we should welcome all forms of Filipino music. Keep writing and writing and writing.”

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