People, we’re telling you this right now. Before watching the official trailer for ‘Unforgettable’, prepare to experience a lot of feels.

After winning the 35th Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) Star Awards title for Best Actress in Miss Granny, Sarah Geronimo is back! This time, she stars in ‘Unforgettable’ as Jasmine, an innocent lady with child-like expressions. What’s exciting about this is that alongside her, a cute dog serves as her companion.

Last October 4, the trailer for the mentioned movie has been released. And if there are some things that we have learned from it is that: (1) Sarah Geronimo really knows how to make her audience cry; and (2) any movie featuring a dog is guaranteed to be a tearjerker.

Honestly, we cried so much just from watching the trailer for the upcoming movie. And if you won’t, right now we are already judging your cold, cold heart.

Watch the full official trailer for ‘Unforgettable’ here.

An ‘Unforgettable’ adventure

As some fans speculated beforehand, Sarah probably plays a character with autism. Meanwhile, some others theorize that she may have early-onset Alzheimer’s. While nothing is confirmed yet, the trailer hints that her character Jasmine is a very special girl. Moreover, we see her innocence and child-like expressions.

We also notice Jasmine’s optimism in life and glimpses of her relationship with her family, especially with her grandmother (played by Gina Pareño). Eventually, she forms a friendship too with a dog named ‘Happy’.

Sarah Geronimo and dog in the official trailer for 'Unforgettable'

Throughout the trailer, a conflict arises as Jasmine finds out that her grandmother is sick. Because of this, we see Happy’s importance to the film as Jasmine says that the dog may be able to miraculously make her grandmother better.

And so, they venture on to go on a very important mission – to bring Happy to Jasmine’s grandmother. However, they will surely encounter struggles along the way.

A star-studded film

Just by watching the trailer alone, we see a lot of well-known artists. Aside from Sarah and Gina Pareno, ‘Unforgettable’ also features Ara Mina, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Dennis Padilla, Meg Imperial, and Kim Molina. It is also reported that there will be a special participation from Anne Curtis, Marco Gumabao, Tirso Cruz III, and Cherie Gil.

Finding important things

‘Unforgettable’ is a film that we must all look forward to. Just by seeing the brilliant cinematography, the themes, and some peeks of how the story will go, we can say that this is film has great potential.

Moreover, it is directed by Jun Robles Lana along with his real-life partner, Perci Intalan. The two are well-known for directing award-winning movies Die Beautiful and The Panti Sisters, respectively.

Official trailer for 'Unforgettable' starring Sarah Geronimo

We are expecting a lot from ‘Unforgettable’ because the trailer was able to touch us deeply. Can you imagine how much more tears we’ll shed in the full-length movie? More importantly, the film is commendable for the freshness and the variety that it apparently offers to the Philippine Cinema.

‘Unforgettable’ will be out in cinemas on October 23. Until then, we will just repeatedly cry while watching its masterpiece of a trailer.

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