If you missed it, Nadine Lustre is kickstarting the year with a new film. With the Ulan trailer teaser is out, check out what’s in store for us with this intriguing romance movie.

As the year starts, Viva Films and Nadine Lustre unveils an upcoming romance movie, ‘Ulan’. They’ve released the first Ulan trailer online last January 2. And we tell you, the movie seems that this another showstopper from the queen of #TeamReal.

Nadine will be paired with not just one but three leading men in ‘Ulan’. From watching the teaser, there were snippets of Nadine’s character being with three other people. Her three leading men are Carlo Aquino, Marco Gumabao, and AJ Mulach.

You can check out the trailer below!

They haven’t revealed the plot of the film yet. But in the trailer, a young version of Nadine’s character asks her grandmother why it’s raining despite the weather being sunny. The grandmother answers that tikbalangs (half-horse, half-man creatures) are getting married and that the sky is against it.

Furthermore, the background music of the video was as ominous as those of horror movies. Though this is a romance film, we might be expecting weird things to come from it. Especially when they have mentioned the tikbalangs. Speaking about this, tikbalangs have been part of Philippine mythology and of our bedtime stories during childhood as well. We don’t usually get a lot of movies featuring our own mythology or having it mixed with romance. But ”Ulan might surprise us with these developments. I got goosebumps from just watching the trailer.

The movie is directed and written by Irene Villamor. She’s also behind of hit movies ‘Meet Me in St. Gallen’ and ‘Sid and Aya’. So we can definitely expect tear-jerker scenes and mind-blowing plot twists. No announcements yet for the release date of ‘Ulan’.

So save up for when ‘Ulan’ hits the big screens. I know for sure that we’ll be needing not just popcorn but also tissues for this one!

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