Typical Party Personalities You Will Always Encounter

With the right mix of different party personalities, one event is bound to be a night worth-remembering. A group of introverts won’t have as much fun as a group with mixed interests. 

You’ll end up in a routine if you keep hanging out with the same crowd, so better get out there and try to meet new ones. We’ve laid out different types of people you’ll encounter at every party to see where they’re coming from:

The introvert

If you’re observant enough, the introvert stands out because they’re in the corner texting (or pretending), because they’re not really the type who enjoy large crowds. Introverts are probably there because the extroverts (aka life of the party) asked them to go. You have to understand that they’re out there to mingle – they just don’t know how. Approach them if you’re into interesting conversations.

The life of the party

The life of the party basically starts the party. It’s almost lifeless without these extroverts as they make every party extra entertaining with their guts and stories. They may be the center of attention, but they’re also the ones who make sure that everyone is having a good time. They are very friendly, and maybe even serve as the wingman of every bro out there.

The low alcohol tolerance

These people are the ones who get drunk after one or two bottles of beer. They tell you that they can manage to drink more, but you see them puking in the bathroom anyway. Don’t hate them, though, because they’re as excited as you are to enjoy the night. Thanks to the high alcohol tolerance people to save them from every shot passed around.  

The never drunk

The never-drunk peeps are the ones whose alcohol limit reaches the top. You can hear them chanting “Shot! Shot!” one after another. They’re still fine after a night of drinking, and the rest of the group rely on them to drive them home. Out of all the typical party personalities, these people are usually chosen as the life of the party’s best friends.

The broken hearted

Every party has people who recently got their heart broken, and they’re out there to forget the pain. You’ll notice them as they have sadness written all over their face, but their girl besties or bros are there to back them up. Some of them handle it better, though. There are those who drink with their friends as if there’s no tomorrow.

The couple

You barely see couples in the middle of the dance floor, because all that matters to them is what they have in the moment. You’ll notice them with their public display of affection while the rest of the group are starting to wonder why they’re single.

These are just a few of the typical personalities you’ll meet. Sometimes, the more you expose yourself to the crowd, the more interesting the night gets. 

Which of these party personalities are you? We’d love to hear in the comments!

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