FEATURES: Two days left before Fruits Basket 2019 finale!

We’re not crying! You’re crying! There are officially only two days left before the season finale of Fruits Basket 2019!

It’s been an emotional last few episodes before the season finale of Fruits Basket 2019. And we’ve gotta say that the 2019 version stayed true to the manga, and we’re happy about it! And now that there are officially only two days left before the season finale premiere of Fruits Basket 2019, let us bathe in its gloriousness one last time.

Fruits Basket 2019

A little recap on the story of Fruits Basket. The story focuses on Tohru Honda, an orphaned girl who has always been fascinated by the story of the Chinese Zodiac. Since her late mother’s passing, life hasn’t been easy on Tohru. And her circumstances have forced her to live in a tent in the woods. What she doesn’t realize is that the land she is camping in belongs to the Soma’s. And one day she encounters her classmate Yuki Soma, who lives in a house on the property with Kyo Soma and Shigure Soma. They learn that Tohru is living in a tent in the woods, and after an unfortunate landslide that buried her tent—they offer that Tohru lives with them instead. After an accidental hug, she finds out that members of the Soma family turn into animals of the Chinese Zodiac when they are hugged by the opposite sex. And their complicated intertwined lives ensue.  If you haven’t watched the series yet, now’s your chance! Check out the trailer here:

We’ve been through this before

Even though we pretty much know what’s going to happen at the season finale of Fruits Basket 2019. It’s still a new experience for the eyes. And we don’t know about you but, when we reach the end of a book, series, or whatever. We always get that what-do-I-do-with-my-life-now feeling. But let’s discuss the differences between the 2001 and 2019 versions. One obvious difference is the animation style. the Fruits Basket 2019 version is much more beautifully appealing. Another thing is that the story stayed true to the manga. And that there are less sexual innuendos in the series. And now has a more innocent feel.

Season 2?

We haven’t even seen the finale, but we already feel the need for a season 2! Although the original Fruits Basket in 2001 didn’t have a Season 2. We’re merely hoping that this time around they’ll continue the story. Because honestly, there’s still so much room for growth for all of the characters. In episode 24 “Let’s Go Home” they even introduced another new character. Plus a lot of fans are really pleased because this time around the anime stayed true to the manga. Unlike the 2001 version of Fruits Basket. And if ever we do get a Season 2, it won’t be a manga to anime adaptation anymore. Since the finale will be the end of the manga story.

We absolutely love Fruits Basket 2019. It revived characters we already loved and made us love them more! We’re sad that the season finale is coming so soon. But if that means a Season 2 then we’re all for it!

How did you feel about Fruits Basket 2019? Are you excited for the Fruits Basket 2019 finale? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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