TWICE’s Momo and SuJu’s Heechul surely took the internet by storm when it was revealed that the two were in fact, dating.

Last January 2, the internet – specifically the K-pop stan side of the internet –  was shookt with the news of two new idols who were revealed to be dating. Surprisingly it was even reported by their companies, JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment, themselves. Of course, you know by now who they are – TWICE’s Momo and Super Junior’s Heechul.

Momo and Heechul

From the GIF above itself, there were a lot of kilig feels which came washing upon us. Of course, true fans of both the idols also gave their immense support regarding their relationship. After all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with two adults wanting to see each other.

However, it comes without saying that the idols still care about what their audiences would say–because before, dating news caused a lot of controversy and bashing. Of course, Momo and Heechul would not want to bring all their hard work – and their group’s – to waste.

Because of this, the main dancer of the famous girl group finally broke her silence by posting a letter addressed to TWICE‘s fans, ONCE.

Momo-chan’s letter to ONCE

Through a long letter shared to TWICE’s official fan page, Momo shared her heartfelt message to their fans. She started by greeting all a Happy New Year as she reminisced about memories she and her co-members shared with their fans over the past years.

Momo letter to ONCE

The first page of Momo’s letter, photo from

However, she also subtly addressed the dating news within the letter. Check the part below with the translated version from K-pop website, Soompi.

But I surprised ONCE as soon as 2020 started, so I truly feel sorry. To be honest, I contemplated a lot about whether I should write this letter. Whether this letter would hurt ONCE more. Whether not doing anything would be better for ONCE. I was really cautious, but since I’ve always communicated often with ONCE, I wanted to communicate with ONCE in my own way, so I’m writing this letter.

K-pop idols really value their fans, to the point where they really feel bad if they end up doing something that worries them. We totally feel that she shouldn’t apologize, but it’s also wonderful that she expressed her genuine love for her fans.

From now on, I want to create more happy memories for ONCE. I’m always sorry, and I’m truly thankful!

Momo is truly a wonderful person and we know Heechul is too. So in the slight chance that she might be reading this, we just want to say that we support you all the way, Momo! Just follow your heart and be happy because honestly, that’s good enough for us.

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