Are you wondering what’s the real deal behind the rumor of a Youtuber allegedly held captive? Well, here’s everything you need to know!

A certain Youtuber has been making rounds on the Internet after many have been speculating that she is held captive. In case you didn’t know, Kate Yup is a famous social media star for her mukbang videos. But lately, fans have noticed her bruises, her odd eating behavior and her alleged call for help.

So what is the truth behind this chilling theory of Kate Yup? In an attempt to uncover this mystery, let’s review everything since the very beginning. Shall we?

How it all started

Youtuber Kate Yup started posting her mukbang videos in 2018. And based on her videos, she’s always seen blindfolded with no particular reason. We see her eat huge amounts of food. But that’s not something to be spooked about since we see a lot of people do this kind of thing nowadays. What captured our attention is her way of eating which looks like she hasn’t eaten for a very long time. Aside from that, bruises all over her body can be seen numerous times in her videos.

In late July, one viewer took it to Reddit to share to others what he found suspicious on Kate Yup’s videos. Apparently, he believes Kate was sending signals in one particular video wherein it can be seen that some of the random letters that were capitalized formed the word “HELP”.

Guys please help this girl out, she legit sends signals through her videos about getting help, her channel name is kate yup, watch the latest video yourself from r/youtube

Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it yet:

This certain post sparked public concern, thus, the beginning of the rumor Kate Yup being held captive. But this quickly died down after many believed it was just a hoax. And even Kate herself even took the liberty to address the issue saying: “Everything is OK for me!” Furthermore, she clarified that the bruises seen in her video were caused by the sun and the ones on her lips were because of a condition called herpes labialis.

kate yup

But until now, some fans are still not convinced whether this is true or just a staged statement. As of today, it has already been 1 month since Kate last posted a mukbang. 

Publicity stunt or an overreacting audience?

This controversy has been since an open-ended case but let’s give a little insight regarding the matter. After investigation, we’ve found out that the reason why Kate has always been wearing a blindfold because of a deformity in her nose which caused a lot of people to tease her about it. And as for the bruises on her body and lips, Kate has already clarified it.

Furthermore, others have speculated that her call for help doesn’t really add up. If she happens to be held hostage and her abuser is the one uploading the videos, wouldn’t it make sense that the kidnapper wouldn’t post any of the ones containing hints of her captivity?

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So does the issue relies on people being so imaginative? Well, not exactly. It’s not always you get to hear these farfetched ideas that sometimes does make sense. Just like in July, another Youtuber was speculated of being kidnapped. Later on, she was found “safe and well”. The reason for her disappearance was due to her depression and she was experiencing “one of the most horrible times of (her) life”.

For cases like these, the only thing we could do is never dismiss it. For all we know, it could be made up, but what if it isn’t?  At least if it’s real we could save the victim, if it was false, then there’s really nothing to lose. Am I right? If you liked this story, make sure to stay tuned here on U Do U for more updates?

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