Who knew Travis Scott’s overprotective side would show like this? It just makes us go “awwww”. He’s just like any other dad!

It’s only natural that the super-cute Stormi Webster would have an overprotective dad right? But we can’t quite picture that with Travis Scott. So you’ll be surprised to see these scenes from his new Netflix documentary, ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’. Especially since Stormi wasn’t born here yet! It really shows Travis Scott’s overprotective side!

He’s just like any other dad!

This is probably the cutest we’ve ever seen Travis Scott! In a tweet by Complex Music that went viral, they pointed out this adorable scene of Travis and Kylie during an ultrasound. Way before they’ve even set eyes on the super-cute Stormi Webster. Watch this:

Let’s take a closer look at that!

He was so concerned for the safety of the baby that the ultrasound procedure worried him!

Reminding the doctor that his baby was in there! But the good doctor was just relaxed through Travis’ almost threatening tone.

You can just see Kylie Jenner trying to hold back her laughter seeing Travis Scott’s overprotective side. If we were in her position we would not be able to hold back our laughter at all!

But the doctor is just so chill, reminding him that it’s all just on the skin and that precious little Stormi inside is safe.

Just look at those eyes! This is one papa bear you don’t want to mess with! LOL!

‘Look Mom I Can Fly’

These scenes are from his new documentary entitled ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’. The documentary focuses on his rise to stardom And the months surrounding the release of his album ASTROWORLD. And you can now stream it on Netflix. Fun fact: Travis put in Stormi Webster as one of the producers for the film. And of course, she was the absolute star at the red carpet premiere! The future is looking bright for this young producer. Check out the trailer for ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’ below:


We totally get you, Travis! If we had a baby girl as adorable as Stormi, we’d be overprotective too! We just love seeing the humanity in celebs and making us feel like they’re just everyday people, you know, just with fame and money. Travis Scott’s overprotective side really wins dad of the year with this one!

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