Who said public transportation can be so scary? Well, the Korean zombie movie ‘Train to Busan’ is coming back to give you the horrors as it will have a sequel very soon in 2020! Find out more here:

On Tuesday, director of ‘Train to Busan’, Yeon San-ho, confirmed that the zombie-packed film is returning for a sequel titled, ‘Peninsula’. Furthermore, he added that the movie will be slated on August 12, 2020. And we can’t lie, we’re pretty much excited!

But first, here’s a little recap of the movie ‘Train to Busan’ if you haven’t watched it yet. Basically, it follows the story of a father, Seok-woo, who struggles to keep his daughter safe in a train going to Busan amid a zombie outbreak in South Korea. The show starred ‘Goblin’ actor, Gung woo and many more.

After the release of the movie in 2016, it immediately gained local and even international attention making it the first film to have the highest single-day gross and the first movie in that same year to attract 10,000,000 to the box office.


According to Yeon San-ho, ‘Peninsula’ will take place four years after the outbreak. But the sad news is that none of our favorite characters from the prequel will be making a reappearance. However, it will focus on a new set of survivors, fighting for a way out of the land.

And even more good news is that we already know who will star in ‘Peninsula’. The main cast of Peninsula will consist of  Lee Jung Hyun from ‘The Battleship Island’ and Gang Dong-Won from ‘The Priest’ along with other distinguished Korean actors.


What do you think of the ‘Train to Busan’ sequel, ‘Peninsula’ coming in 2020? Are you excited about this zombie-packed movie? ‘Cuz we sure are!

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