Top 5 Singers in the Phillipines

The average Filipino loves their music and you will see music bursting through every place that you go to, whether its the markets or the malls. There are, of course, several singers who are currently rising at the charts with each of their songs releasing, but there are some who rule the roost.

Here’s a list of the top Filipino Singers

Catriona Gray started her career as a model and went on to sing some of the most popular and successful songs in the Phillipines.  She rose to fame when she won the Miss Universe Crown in 2018.  Currently, Catriona is popular for singing covers, which has countless views on YouTube, making her one of the most popular and successful celebrities out of the Phillipines.  Her most famous single until now is ‘We Are In This Together’ in 2018.

Bailey May has been out of action since a couple of years, but his singles and albums still create a buzz on the local tv and radio channels.  His single, Can You Be My Girl has racked more than twenty million views on YouTube and he’s still going strong. May has already won several awards in the Phillipines, making him a name to reckon with even today.  In 2017, he joined the lineup of Now United, and tours with them on a regular basis. Bailey May has a unique voice tone that would match the requirements for any Country music album.

More Top Phillipines Singers

Janina Vela has an amazing talent. Currently, she’s one of the top influencers in the country and is famous for her vlogs. She’s starting out her career as a singer. One hear of her melodious voice and you know Jania Vela is poised for better times in her career.

AC Bonifacio is another popular singer from the Phillipines. She rose fame in 2016 when she won the Dance Kids competition. Since then, she’s been belting out songs and has even acted.  Her first single, Sumayaw Sumaya has around 400,000 views and the number is stil growing. Bonifacio has a unique voice that’s perfect for pop songs.

Alexandra Ilacad is a famous music and dance personality in the Phillipines. She is one of the few celebrities who started out as an model on tv.  She has become a reputed name in the Phillipines music industry. Her singles ramp up the views on a daily basis, making her one of the most formidable brands in the Phillipines.

This is the list of the top singers in the Phillipines. Think we missed out any? Tell us in the comments section. Want in on more listicles like this? Keep visiting us at www.udou.ph.

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