Where there’s music, there’s the ebb and the flow. It’s more so in the world of professionals in the world of music.  While we have seen so many popular musicians who have been around for decades, the world of music has also seen musicians – both singles and bands – that hit their peak with only one song and then disappeared into oblivion.

This doesn’t mean that the makers of these songs didn’t have successes after this – they did, but none of them achieved the kind of success that they did with this particular song. Of course, we all know of Barbie, the song from Aqua that became a rage but Aqua could never make another Barbie Girl, even though they tried their  level best.

Some of these are also singles and bands who are popular all over the world, but their one song became very popular in a particular country, but they never reached the same mercurial heights after that. Some of these singers were also the best dancers of their time.

Here’s a list of the one hit wonders in the world of music.

  • Somebody that I used to Know (Gotye) (2011)

Somebody that I used to Know was a phenomenal hit when it hit the market in 2011. The song was well received by critics and the audience and was a unique one.  It still is one of the few songs that samples a nursery rhyme, Baa Baa Black Sheep, in this case. The song won Best Video and an ARIA Award of that year. In 2013, the song won the Grammy Awards for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and Best Record of the Year.

  • Let Her Go (Passenger) (2014)

Let Her Go by Passenger wasn’t just a success for the band, it was a sleeper hit that went on to win a number of awards in the year that it hit the music record rack, but online and offline. The low tempo, singalong song mostly sold more than one million copies and is also one of the Most Performed Work. The song is one of the few that have the traditional musical instruments like cymbals, violins and guitars.

  • Ho Hey (The Lumineers) (2012)

Ho Hey by the Lumineers hit the musical charts in 2012 and was one of the most popular and successful songs of that year. It was on the Billboard Top 10 for eighteen non-consecutive weeks and has won several awards for The Lumineers.  Ho Hey was the first single from the Lumineers to be certified in the US.

  • Pumped Up Kicks (Foster the People) (2011)

Pumped Up Kicks is the legit breakthrough song for Foster the People, the band that made it big back in 2011. It first launched as a single and then was part of their self titled album that released in 2011. It is their most popular song. Pumped Up Kicks ranked third at the Billboard Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks. The song also won a Grammy Award nomination. Pumped Up Kicks is one of  the many songs in this list that have a slow tempo b ut became a raging success with the music lovers all over the world.

More one hit wonders in the world of music.

  • Rude (Magic)  (2013)

One of the most popular songs on this list, this one is a genuine earworm which every lovelorn teenager has played full blast at least once in life. The lyrics are very out there and the hook music is a great earworm. Rude by Magic was a global phenomenon and went on to reach the top ten lists in several countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden. The song is one of the very few that we know is based on a true life instance.

The Rude song is one that many of us have heard and danced to at house parties and some events, and that’s because we had the same kind of issues that the actual writer and performer of the song had.

  • Exes and Ohs (Elle King) 2015

Exes and Ohs one of the most salty songs in this list. It is also one of the few swag songs by a female artist that’s for all to hear and see.  It peaked at the Billboard Hot Charts at Number One and went on to become a Adult Pop sensation.  The song also won a Grammy Nomination. Exes and Ohs became so popular because of the unique tone of the singer, and the little bit of raunch that was available in the song – something that we haven’t seen in a long, long time.

  • Watch Me (Silento)

Watch Me from Silento is probably the most heard song on this list, after Rude.The song is also one of the few hip hop songs on this list. The song hit the charts in 2015 and hit the top three at the Billboard Hot 100. The song featured some awesome hip hop dancers, including some that would take the lead in any dance video competition.

These are the top songs that became popular, and the artists behind these songs didn’t gain the kind of popularity, whether for a single song or for a album after this. The artists have been active on the music scene post their songs, but their other songs haven’t cracked the code post these songs.

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