Another kilig movie is coming our way! Yep, the To Love Some Buddy movie is hitting the theaters and the hit song ‘Sila’ by SUD is part of the official soundtrack!

Maja Salvador and Zanjoe Marudo pairs off for the first time in this ‘To Love Some Buddy’ movie under Black Sheep—and we’re super excited to catch another Filipino film filled with love and kilig.

Check out the trailers of To Love Some Buddy right here!

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

So which trailer gave you more #FEELINGS?

But more importantly, this halloween season, are you brave enough to cross the bridge between friendship to *dun dun dun* getting into a relationship—and a romantic relationship at that?

Why are we asking these questions? Well, haven’t you seen the trailers? ‘To Love Some Buddy’ is a film about best buddies Faith (Maja Salvador) and Julius (Zanjoe Marudo), and how they decided to take the scary leap from friends to dating.

Produced by Black Sheep, ‘To Love Some Buddy’ was directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, who also directed the movie ‘100 Tula Para Kay Stella’ and ‘The Third Party’. (The latter of which also stars Zanjoe Marudo.) So if these are your kinds of movies, be sure to catch ‘To Love Some Buddy’ in cinemas this October 31st!

More Kilig!

Maja Salvador is known for her other #hugot and #kilig movies such as ‘I’m Drunk, I Love You’, while Zanjoe Marudo is known for his numerous movies and teleseryes. And though this is their first time to star in a romantic film together, we think that this is a pair that you should definitely watch out for!

We mean, just look at ’em here!

Oh, these two are just the cutest!

‘To Love Some Buddy’ OST

This Maja Salvador and Zanjoe Marudo movie is bound to either make our hearts go fluttering like crazy, or well, broken all over again. And we’ll just have to wait till it shows till we really find out. *sighs*

But don’t worry ’cause it has a soundtrack that you can listen to now!

And the hit song ‘Sila‘ by well-known OPM band SUD is part of the ‘To Love Some Buddy’ OST. We’re sure you’d want to put this song on replay again while you wait for the movie, so we’ve got the official music video for it right here.

Do you also love SUD’s ‘Sila’? Well you are definitely not alone ’cause we have some of the people who feel the same right here too.

We are sure you are counting down the days till the showing of ‘To Love Some Buddy’ movie with Maja and Zanjoe! And we’re sure some of you can’t hardly wait to hear ‘Sila’ by SUD playing in the background, huh? ‘Cause same.

So while waiting until October 31, we have the list of To Love Some Buddy official songs right here for you!

So are you excited for the To Love Some Buddy movie yet? And what do you think of ‘Sila’ by SUD being part of the OST? Tell us in the comments section below. Or you can also send us a messages in our Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. If you have any more questions, or maybe even more info about this film, we’d love to hear ’em, so hit us up!