Remember those jeepney signboards with the same iconic font? Or the pre-colonial Philippine writing system, Baybayin? Well, it’s now available for digital use. Find out more here:

On this day, there’s an apparent trend in looking back and coming to appreciate our culture. And who would’ve thought we’d see the day when Filipino-themed fonts are a thing? Yup, you read it right. Whether for infographics, powerpoint presentations, or personal use, you can now go all-out with your Filipino roots. And the best part is that it’s for FREE!

So without further ado, here they are!



A Twitter user with the name @surrealogist took it to the social media platform to share his latest creation, Silawan, which is a digital font dedicated to our Baybayin. This 20-year-old illustrator shows us what’s it like looking back to our ancestry by taking this precolonial font to our modern world.

Quiapo Free Font

Aaron Amar

Get a feel of classic Manila without leaving your desk with Aaron Amar’s Quiapo Free. It has all the elements of the iconic placard design we see in jeepneys and other public transportation in the Philippines.

Obra Typeface

ABCAbdulmari Ima

This obra or work is done by Abdulmari Ima, a native from Sulu in honor of our “Philippine National Artists”. This title is only given to those who made significant contributions to Filipino artistry. Abdulmari argues that even though they have made a great impact on our culture, they are often left in the dust. So here’s us giving back to them! Check Obra Typeface right here!

Quezon San Serif

Kimchi Lee

The Quezon Sans Serif Font by Kimchi Lee is a humanist font dedicated to Manuel L. Quezon. You’re probably wondering why him? Well, it’s enough we give our dues to the “Father of the Filipino Language.”  According to Kimchi, “the typeface features sharp angled lines with elegant gentle slopes. Quezon will make it perfect on the corporate logo, headline, and branding as well.”

What do you think of these Filipino-themed fonts? Which in particular did you like the most? And will you be trying them out anytime soon?

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