Ahh, the new decade has just started and it looks like we’re already filled with a long line of anticipated movies in the coming months including ‘The Woman in the Window’!

On December 19, 20th Century Fox officially dropped the first trailer for ‘The Woman in the Window’ produced by Scott Rudin, Eli Bush and Anthony Katagas. And we’re pretty much hooked on the movie as it shows an unconventional plot of how we can’t be safe even in our own homes.

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It follows an agoraphobic, alcoholic developmental psychologist named Dr. Anna Fox who experiences a turn of events in her life after she encounters her new neighbor (Julianne Moore). After the birth of a beautiful friendship, this so-called acquaintance of hers mysteriously disappears. And this is when she suspects that the family across the street isn’t your normal one. Determined to find out the truth behind them, Anna peeps in their windows all the while endangering her own life.

This new movie will feature the main star as Amy Adams who we all know from the Disney live musical, ‘Enchanted’. So the question we’re asking, “Can Amy sing her way out of this predicament?” Guess we will just have to wait and find out!

We will also be seeing our favorite actors like Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie, Wyatt Russell, Brian Tyree Henry, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Julianne Moore!

So if you’re excited as much as we are for this movie, then here’s the trailer for y’all!

What do you think of the first official trailer for ‘The Woman In The Window’? And do you also agree it shows how we can’t be safe even in our own homes?

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