Taylor Swift is a phenomenal dancer, singer and performer.  She has several chartbusters to her name, and is one of the most influential female celebrities in the world today. Swift  moves from genre to genre with her songs and albums. She has  incredible singles and albums in the pop and country genre. Some of them would be the best for dance battle videos as well.

The Best Taylor Swift songs for Dance Battle Videos

  • Look What You Made Me Do

This song is everything that modern entertainment is about. With this one song, Swift gave a strong, single message to silence everything and everyone who was creating issues in her life, and has the potential for some groovy moves when it comes to dance battle videos. There’sa long backstory to this song, and music fans know it already. The song released in 2017 and is one of the favorites when it comes to those sweet revenge songs.

Swift, who is a fantastic storyteller, excelled herself with this song, which talked about the glare of the media, the paparazzi hounding, and this being a dog-eat-dog world. Look What You Made Me Do became her fifth single to snatch the No. 1 Spot at Billboard Hot 100. Look What You Made Me do came at the highlight of her feud with Kanye West.

  • Bad Blood With Kendrick Lamar

And this a earworm that we loved hearing all through the year, and we’d love for someone to add it to the dance battle videos. Swift made another amazing video with a song that had the right amoung ot verve and throb to keep it spinning in the party circuit back in the day in 2015. There’s some speculation that she wrote Bad Blood because she had a feud with Katy Perry, but that’s a very petty thing to say.  The song reached the top of the charts in three countries, including America. And yes, the video won a Video of the Year award at the Grammys as well as at the MTV VMA Awards.

  • Wildest Dreams 

If you need a road song to make the road less traveled more interesting, Taylor Swift has a desert song with you – with hypnotic vocals that can calm down your nerves after a hard day at work – at the signal that you are trying to move away from.  The video, like every other video of Swift’s, tells an compassionate story – where Swift’s character falls in love with a co-actor in Africa, and she knows that there’s no future to that love story.

  • Delicate

Delicate is one of the several songs by celebrities that talks about their life under a magnifying glass. Taylor Swift does that in her inimitable way and once again, ruled the pop charts. It reached Number 12 at the Billboard Top 100 and was certified Double Platinum by the RIAA.  The song’s choreography looked good on some of the best dancers in the world. The video concept was original as well, with Swift’s character becoming invisible after receiving a mysterious note.

  • Me

This is one of Taylor Swift’s lighter songs. Some say it’s about self affirmation, others say its about Taylor talking about being an overbearing girlfriend.  The song is a cheery,  jovial one  – different from the typical Swift fare that we see now and then.  The song also features Brendon Urie. The video broke the 24 hour video record held by Ariana Grande earlier at Vevo.

  • Begin Again

Taylor Swift’s Begin Again is a lovelorn woman trying to move on after a failed relationship. This is one of ehr soft-tempo songs, with end-to-end lyrics that accompanies the music.  The song has country roots, and the critics definitely liked the phenomenal performer returning to her roots. It was certified platinum and nominated for the Best Country Video at the Grammys.

  • The Man

This song is the ultimate sassy one against every toxic man that you have ever come across. It talks about everything  we experience with the unfairer gender. Whether its mansplaining, or doing things that they aren’t supposed to, or getting away with it. Taylor once again gets into the disco-synth groove that makes us all so very excited. Oh, and yes, there’s Dwayne Johnson’s voice at the end of the video, making it one of his very few music collaborations.  The song wasn’t just a great one, it was a study in prosthetics, with Swift playing the role of a guy – and we genuinely thought for a while that it was someone else.

  • Mine

This is one of Swift’s older songs, it launched a decade ago, and the song is once again a reflection of her personal life. In an interview, she said that the song was inspired from her relationship with a crush, and she said that the song was about her always running away from love. Mine is a power ballad and will find place in your playlists even today.  The song has a country vibe to it, but some critics consider it to be more of a pop song.

  • Teardrops on my Guitar

Teardrops on my Guitar is another of Taylor Swift’s older songs.  The song has her character being asked out for a dance – just that she’s not the one.  This is one of the few of her songs that have a strong guitar interface – as the title suggests that it will.  Critics consider this song to be her breakthrough in the US, after it peaked to Number 13 at the Billboard Hot 100.

These are the very best and top Taylor Swift songs that took the playlists by fire. Did you like this list? Do you want more lists like these? Make sure you subscribe to our website.